SEMO at Arkansas: game 1

#WPS #OmaHogs #ThisIsBaseball

Down 3-0 to SEMO? WTH?

Franklin with a Dinger for our 1st run today

I have never seen a pitcher look as bad as Bolden after looking as great as he did, we are going to have a hard time against this left-hander, some reason we have no clue against them.

Silver lining is Wicklander has been effective,well I jinxed him 2 straight hits,now top of order up

SLaven slams one over right center Hog down 2-3 now

Love Slavens swing, smooth and powerful

Pitching change – Monke to p for Wicklander. Wick finished with a 58 pitch count 3K and 1 walk in 4+ innings

Well there’s good news the way Wicklander pitches today. Bolden just had a bad outing with no command.
There’s plenty of time to win this game.

We have some serious offensive anemia going on

It won’t last long. The bats will wake up!

A lot of it has to do with this Dodd kid… kid can pitch… got 7K so far

We need to make some noise now with the #3 #4 and #5 hitters coming up though this Dodd kid still seems to have good velo with like 80+ pitches

No clue against LH pitching, as many LH as we will have we better get used to seeing them 10 K today…

Now over 100 pitches and still mowing us down