Semi-OT: Portraits of Progress (E. Lynn Harris)

In an email from the Alumni Association there was a link about Female Pioneers of the University of Arkansas. Once I started reading about many of these fascinating women, I just kept clicking around. I found this page about E. Lynn. Those of you who have been on a Hawgs Illustrated message board for years will remember him. He was a passionate fan and loved his time returning to his alma mater.

Sports Illustrated printed an article that he wrote for them. If you love the Hogs, you will love his article.


Thanks Marty. I thought about E. Lynn today when a poster mentioned the need for a place on the board to keep “classic” post. E. Lynn had some classics and was one of my favorite HI family members. It was tragic to learn years ago that he had left this world at the age of 53. Miss his contributions.

I really miss E. Lynn. I knew him casually when we were both students there, but mostly got to know him through the Hawgs Illustrated boards. He was an excellent writer. I look forward to re-reading the SI article you linked, Marty.

I sold some football tickets to E. Lynn not long before he passed. He sent me a check. I cashed it. I wish I had kept it instead of cashing it.


If you love the Hogs, you will love his article.
Yes, I did. Thanks for sharing WPS!
E.Lynn and I are the same age and I lived and went to school in LR. for one year (1968) so we may
have gone to school together.

A bone-deep Razorback and an enormously talented writer.
We on this board were treated with his flair with words. He left our earth way to soon.

always enjoyed the memories and stories he brought to the boards…may he always R.I.P

I met E. Lynn once, at that Texass game in Austin he referenced. Taken from us far, far too soon. I was proud to have met him, to have interacted with him on HI, and that he was an unabashed Hog fan like me.

ELynn and I shared a lot of thoughts together at football practice. He’d be working with the cheerleaders and find me. Fascinating person.

This may inspire a column.


About four or five months before he died, I made a post that mentioned in passing that I was a UA student. It wasn’t directed at him and we’d never spoken.

He sent me a private message with words of encouragement and told me that I needed to appreciate the great stage of life I was experiencing as a college student.

Oh how right he was.

We messaged back and forth a few more times and thought about trying to meet up on campus. I was considering being a writer of some sort. Sadly, it never happened, and I chose a different path.

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Thanks for posting this Marty. That article brought back great memories of E Lynn’s posts on the old HI board.

I had a few p.m.'s with E. Lynn as well. Gone too soon.

Please do write a column about E. Lynn. I know that we would enjoy it.

I truly wish that I had met him.


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