Semi-Nod to special teams coach. The fake punt play that -------

------------almost happened on our first punt at midfield, looked like it was going to work really well except for the twitch by 74 leaving a tad too early to pull and block for the pass to the in-motion Knox going all the way across the formation. There was no one near Knox and at least two blockers on the way to lead him down the field if he had gotten the pass from the punter. Really interesting formation starting with Knox on one sideline with about five blockers in front of him. I assume OleMiss had enough guys over there that they checked off to “the Knox in motion to the other side where there was nobody” option.

Good post, I think our coaches for the first 3 quarters called the most aggressive game of the year on both sides of the ball. All I can say is “Who turned the Hogs Loose”:joy:. WPS

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It was a nice and bold call. Obviously, we weren’t going to out defense Ole Miss. But, it’s such a great example of good coaching and good play calling won’t always cut it, the team must execute.

It was not at midfield (OM 34) and the field goal kicker was out. I do not think it was fake punt.

Clay. You are right about the 34 yard line, but #30, our punter received the snap and was about to throw to Knox as the whistle blew the play dead. That makes it a fake punt and I was bragging on the special teams who have struggled a lot. This is not the first time you have nitpicked about some details while ignoring the main point of the post. Do we need to talk?

Reid Bauer has thrown a college pass before. Right, Nick?

He is also holder. Ok, I get confused when he’s that versatile.