Arkansas has announced its game against Texas A&M on Feb. 17 is sold out.

Wonder how the LSU game will be I’m going to that one. Hope its gonna be a good one, 3 hr drive!!

My guess is that it is going to be somewhere in the 12,000 range, give or take a couple-thousand. It’s an unranked team at 8 on a Wednesday night, factors that typically knock attendance down a little.


I’m really, really impressed with Wade as a coach and how he has them turned around and seemingly on a quick trip to the top. Wade is high quality and likeable even as a Tigger coach. Next years recruiting class with this year’s almost Trae Young makes them a power to be for sure. Id be very afraid they could take home a victory. Great matchup in my mind.

Im a Saints fan and generally as negative as can be about LSU, but read this thread off a Saints board and I’ll say it seems really accurate: … p?t=372313