Selling ice cubes to Eskimoes.....

That phrase came to mind as I read about the latest recruit we landed in Myron Cunningham who picked us over OU. Coach Morris and this staff are having a great year recruiting after a 2-10 season. That is excellent work. Recruiting is probably the most important job a coach and his staff do, as we know, and it appears Chad Morris knows how to do that job.

Coach Morris did not impress me during the season as we played the games and struggled to a pathetic finish, but he is impressing me now by selling these young men on coming to Fayetteville to be a Razorback. We all know what a special place the University of Arkansas is and Coach Morris must believe it. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in. To be truly successful you must believe in what you are selling and do it with sincerity and integrity. I believe he is doing that.

Maybe, Dudley and Richard can tell us why they are so good at this job.

Go Hogs Go!!!

I hate to say this, but I think he is so successful this year because he’s selling early playing time. Wonder what happens in two years, when his freshmen and sophomores are getting that playing time. That’s when we see how good of a recruiter he is.

You’re not wrong. But consider in two years, he’ll have a whole different product to sell and angle to sell it with. He can talk about our rise from 2 wins to 4-5 (year 2) to 6-7 wins (2020) and where (the class he’s signing) will take the program before they graduate.

It’s a LOT easier selling a “hot”, rising program than it is 2-10, I’m sure.

Hard workers

Really relate with the kids, but don’t come off as trying to be cooler than they are.

Been able to use the playing time angle.

Have a vision that the prospects believe in.

His reputation in Texas and his ties to Clemson will help him as well. The 2-10 season just has to improve and show he can coach with his recruits for him to have success. The 2020 season will make or break the hogs. Next year will be pretty miserable but we should have young players learning to play. There will be some players left from the previous staff for another couple of years. Once all the hold overs are gone it should improve.
We really need CCM to win enough games to coach our hogs for more than 4 or 5 years.

All that is fine and dandy guys, but, a big but, most of those highly rated kids would much rather listen to a coach tell them how many NFL guys they produced and how many wins they usully get in a given season. A check of NFL rosters is also a pretty good selling point. School pride and love of a given team is not all important to most kids who care totally nothing about a degree but dream of being a first round draft choice. There are always exceptions but not enough to help the middle or lower teams recruit stars.

Clay told us how here: Recruiting All Day, Every Day

Um they can sell the nfl pretty easy. This staff has put quite a few in the league

They hear about the players in the NFL. You look at the players Morris helped recruit to Clemson and SMU and you see NFL players. There are 10 former Clemson wide receivers in the NFL right now. There are two more in the NFL from his last SMU team. That’s 12. I’ll borrow one of the best used Morris quotes. Wow. So those numbers will be used in recruiting.

Most of those were in that era of recruiting that Morris was involved in Morris started recruiting DeShaun Watson as a ninth grader.

It isn’t just Morris and it isn’t just Texas. Look at the Tennessee players in this class. John Chavis and Steve Caldwell have connections there, too. I know that the Tennessee coaches noticed what those two did in their backyard this year. It was impressive.

Caldwell is an elite recruiter. He had a huge impact in the defensive line development in his last stint at Arkansas. He can recruit and he can coach.

I worked in the Arctic quite a bit, don’t remember the price of ice cubes. But I will remember how this Coaching Staff has recruited for a long time.

Interesting - doing what Jim?

Oil & gas drilling business.