Self signs lifetime contract with KU

Can you coach basketball from a prison cell?

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So, Kansas is either really stupid, or they know what many of us already believe. Nothing will happen, NCAA won’t touch a blue blood


Unless he is fired for cause (cheating). What do they have to lose. Like Cal at KY.
Both probably already have a fall guy selected with hidden compensation.

Good point. If the NCAA throws the book at him, he’s gone for cause and they don’t owe him a penny.

In thinking about it further, this is a recruiting move. I’m sure everyone recruiting against Kansas is telling the kids, “Self won’t be there to coach you.” This is their way of countering that as best they can, while everyone is waiting for the NCAA to finally get off its collective butt and act.

It could be painful for the admins who signed on to this deal if the program gets hammered and Self ends up with a show cause order. This would be on top of the Les Miles thing, and this time they won’t have an AD to take the fall. I’m not sure this deep into things the “we did not know about the true facts” thing would be very convincing.

It really helps Self in recruiting and in keeping control of the current roster, as it signals that he will be the man going forward. Also, he probably would not be seriously considered right now for one of the small handful of college jobs that might interest him-like North Carolina. So he’s locked in at the best job he will probably ever have unless/until the hammer falls.

This hammer waiting to fall seems to be in orbit right now. With a very long way and long time before ever falling.

Everyone who has been referred to the new independent review panel is still waiting: Kansas, Louisville, NC State, Memphis and LSU. On what, no one is quite sure. Memphis was referred 13 months ago. SAO in September, Kansas in July, Arizona in December.

The IARP has its own website. Here’s the list of referred cases:

The Louisville case is interesting, one, because it’s also a so-called blueblood, and two, because the charges are from the Pitino era. He’s moved on to Iona, of course, and took the Gaels to the Dance, but he could still get hit with a show-cause if they throw the book at UL.

However, with the complete incompetence Mark Emmert has shown as NCAA prez, I’m not surprised this is taking forever. I wish someone would pay me $2.7 million to be that bad at my job.

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I will speculate the NCAA is too busy trying to keep its cash cow of unpaid labor alive to worry about sacred cow rule breakers.

The irony here, of course, is that the rule breakers are violating the cash cow formula by paying the labor.

I think Self, Wade and Pearl are safe. You just have to notice the decisions their schools are making. That will tell. You.

KU made the decision without even having an AD, which really makes no sense. Who decided to hand out this contract? Did they just carry through on something Jeff Long had started, or was that independent of him?

They may be following the North Carolina model of arguing the rule doesn’t apply, in spite of the wiretap audio. UNC got away with it because academic fraud is beyond the purview of the NCAA. Paying players or their entourage is not.

Wade is the least safe of the three, because SAO football is also involved in this case thanks to the booster who stole money from a hospital foundation to pay a player’s dad for a nonexistent job. And when your two main sports are getting nailed at the same time, that’s the dreaded lack of institutional control.

Auburn decided a long time ago that if they have to cheat to beat Bama – in anything – they will, and damn the consequences.

That I agree with you on. That should be a scandal by itself. Is there an interim AD like Peoples?

I am sure KU, LSU and Aubie all cheated. But we are wasting our time hoping the three coaches get big time penalty.

Kurt Watson is the interim AD. He is a retired Wichita businessman and KU grad (and donor) but I’m unable to find anything more, like why they chose him. I have no idea why you would name someone with no athletic experience as your interim AD, but then there have been schools who went whole-hog and hired a business guy as their full-time AD (hint: it didn’t go well).

Watson was hired because he’s a straight line company man… the company name - “We’ll’s Fargo Any Rules”.

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