Self out today…

On ESPN crawl….

if he got a drug eluting stent (99.97% likely) then it is 2 weeks for normal walking around activity and 6 weeks to be able to lift and and stress. Also dependent on which coronaries were stented and the dominance of his heart perfusion. Easily assessed when he got stented.

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I hate to hear that… hope he continues to get better

I’ve not had a stent. But I do know Self averted a heart attack. He needs to take it easy. Basketball is just a game. His livelihood, granted. But his health --for his own and his family’s sake–is far more important.

I do think Kansas will play inspired ball…FOR him.


Agreed. Sports needs to take a back seat. Just worry about getting better.

Hope we win the game but hope even more that he wins the game of life.

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