Self inflicted wounds

Cant make costly mistakes and compete against the #1 team in the nation.

Bielema inflicted suckage. We are awful.

I think you can blame a lot of things on the Bielema years. The quarterback fumbling at the 1 and not protecting the ball leading to a strip sack aren’t among those things.


Agree Matt. But come on. You know exactly what I mean. This team isn’t even in the same universe as Bama. Or in the same universe as 6 or 7 or more other SEC teams. It’s shocking really. Arkansas has about 10 SEC caliber players. That’s all. Inexcusable.

I don’t dispute that. But this thread is about self-inflicted wounds in this game.

Such as Dudley? All I’ve ever seen you say about Bielema is what a “ great dude” he was.

I do think Bret Bielema was/is a great dude.

He just didn’t turn out to be a great coach at Arkansas.

I can easily differentiate between the two.

And that is exactly what any decent human being should do. I get disgusted at the people who make personal attacks on coaches for simply failing to succeed at a very difficult job.

I have a problem with lazy drunks who care more about self promotion than doing the hard job of reubuilding a program and then leave us in the ditch …but that’s just me.

Jackson… this seems personal to you… not just college football… Did he do something to you personally? Not a good tipper at the bar perhaps?

At Arkansas, you are correct. WPS

Regardless of what problems that certain people have with whatever and whoever, that was then, this is now. It hardly seems to be productive to continue grinding on an axe that is gone. I have my opinions on previous regimes and some of the posters that tend to obsess with them, but I would rather focus on today and the future, plus I rather doubt anyone really cares. I get that, Go Hogs.


When a guy puts his social life and brand in front of doing his job and the result is a dumpster fire for a program I love you bet I take it personally.

The problem is this thread, which was supposed to be about self-inflicted wounds by this 2018 football team, has be hijacked by people who can’t get over 2012-17. CBB was bad for Arkansas and he left the program in a bad way, but as Matt said, none of that has to do with a fumble at the goal line or the strip sack. That’s anything but a defense of CBB; just wishing we’d all move forward.