Selection Sunday and I’m very depressed

As a kid through for what seemed like a few decades, hearing the Arkansas name called was a rite of passage.

As a kid in the day before I-pads and all, I am certain that I in part learned to read, because I wanted to know how the Triplets were doing in the tournament and what the paper would say about our prospects on next round game.

For a program with once such a history it just hurts not hearing your name called.

Now I’m an old big kid and where I used to cry a little when we lost in the NCAAs, now I just cry that we aren’t even there.

Know what you mean. That is why I have learned to enjoy it when we do make it. Today, I will just pretend we are watching last year’s show. :smiley:

I hate to say this but I think unless you are Top 10 program, across the nation a P5 team is not going to be in the Dance every year. So, until we get back to Top 10, this is the way it is.

Hopefully the next coach will get us there eventually.

I agree with you PJ.

I’m all for a plan to be a top ten program.

I don’t know if making a coaching change is the way to go or not. I know it’s the topic dejour but I’m just not sure either way myself.

I just weep for a proud program like us when we don’t make the dance.

Just doesn’t seem right when we are not there.

Unfortunately, some on this board , posters and members of our sports media have all but declared the Basketball’s Glory Years dead and gone never to return. Some even seem content with this.

It’s not dead at Arkansas at least not forever. Houston was out of it until they made a great hire now look at them. Same with Texas Tech.

Houston has glory days back? That is news to me.

It is not too hard to get back to Texas Tech glory days. Elite Eight does it for them.

I can promise you one thing, and that is no savior is coming in to help Arkansas Basketball. That 100% has to come from within, with better recruiting and some coaching changes. Bill Self and Mark Few are not coming here. Coach A is our one connection to what we used to be and all of us loved. I love Coach A, but he has become complacent. Sad to say, but true. It’s time for Watkins to retire, and a real effort needs to be made to pry Corliss from the NBA and put him on this staff. We can be relevant again, but some hard decisions have to be made.

A few years ago I was told by someone who would know that Corliss would not come here as an assistant coach, and may not come here as HC because he doesn’t like recruiting.

Corliss was miserable coaching at UCA. Just like Moncrief was at UALR. Both preferred NBA where they don’t have to deal with recruiting. Being a great player doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great recruiter or a great coach, Most great players have struggled. Look at Danny Manning for example. I don’t know if Patrick Ewing is going to be successful.

That’s exactly what the individual said. He said it when Corliss left UCA.