Has Coach Segrest been out recruiting at all?

Segrest, and rumor is no.

Bielema has not talked to him yet about his future with the program. He and his wife love Fayetteville. He is very concerned about what will happen.

My bad so I edited. I haven’t seen any articles reflecting he’s doing any in home visits, etc.

A lot of people are concerned about what will happen. As in, concerned he might get to stay.


A lot of people are concerned about what will happen. As in, concerned he might get to stay.
[/quote]Guess you feel he is paid a good salary, so he should not expect common decency.

Regardless of how he has coached or hasn’t coached the last couple of years, he came to this school and has served it dutifully, has done a lot for the community and is a great man, husband and father.

Does not deserve belittling on a message board.

We all should know by now that the D line was not at fault this season. I knew that but I figured Segrest would be blamed and therefore be gone. I now hope he stays and believe he will. I guess it all depends on how well he and Rhoads get along.

It’s ALL ABOUT RECRUITING ASSET’S in my opinion. And I’m not seeing many 4* & 5* player’s from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Birmingham, Alabama (his former area)

Well, I’ll swan!

For me, it’s concerning that I haven’t heard his name mentioned ANYWHERE on the recruiting trail since Smith left. I’ve heard EK’s name get thrown around on visits, but now Segrest’s. Also, we had zero DLine recruits five days away from NSD. How many of our commits had Segrest as their lead recruiter? I think just one. I like Segrest, but I don’t know if his positives outweigh his negatives (and what I know isn’t much). And when you live on the government’s dime, it’s all business - nothing personal. I won’t be surprised to see him go, but I won’t necessarily be happy, either.

Did I question whether or not he showed up for work? Did I question his standing within the community? Did I question whether he is fulfilling his duties as a husband or father? The answer is no, I did not. However, the guy has been lousy as the defensive line coach at Arkansas and I, as would most others, would like to see him move on.

The D-line wasn’t an issue this year?


you’re correct, he is paid a good salary. Has nothing to do with whether he should stay or go. And I don’t consider wishing for a coach to be replaced to be outside the boundaries of common decency.

By your string of posts justifying your comments, we are either wrong or you have trouble accepting that you might have been wrong. Since I have a strong idea of which it is, anything else would be a further waste of time.

As do I. You’re wrong.