Seen this name pop of for 2018 Basketball

Bit of a Scotty Thurman game. Not sure how serious staff is after him.

Very interesting background story. Native American. Went from a kid no one heard of to being sought after. Appears Memphis is his leader.

I’m ready to lock down a guy. Just has to be a solid fit. IMHO I still think we need a JC big.

We all need to learn to support the decisions the coaches make in recruiting. They are working hard to bring in the best available player!

I would like a big but I would rather get a guy that can play than a Big that can’t! ghg

He is at a basketball factory in Durham, no apologies made. Lots of youtube for his team vs teams like Oak Hill, nice to see the nonhighlight stuff… his own stats from the 2017-2018 winter to quote his “school”. … rID=460665

41-55 from 3 point range is the way I read it

Those look more like FT numbers than 3 point stats. But, even if it should be read as 41 makes and 55 misses (instead of 41 out of 55), that’s a very solid 42.7%. If those numbers are as presented, it’s got to be some kind of record (74.5%).

when you do his individual game numbers he had at least one 8 for 8 game and the total points scored only adds up is shot 74% or thereabouts for the year. Odd stat presentation, just like his hometown is Nebraska. Most active midrange shooter that I have seen in lots of his clips. He looks boom or bust to me.

This is what MaxPreps has as his HS stats: … -stats.htm

The link posted earlier is from Prep school

Penny gets him too

He may end up there but he should narrow his list soon from what I hear.

they are not bringing him in to visit so that’s a no-go.