Seen this movie before

We are totally predictable against LSU

same way it use to be with Texas in football

Never mattered whether we were better than them or not

They just flat had our number and LSU does too

yep they either beat us or we choke it away.

yep they either beat us or we choke it away.

Afraid you’re right…sigh

We need to hope their BP sucks bad

Like I told my wife, we are their whipping dog/hog. Snakebit
or whatever. We seem to way too often tense up and blow
games against them. We get the yips and act out like the
proverbial deer in the headlights. Our overall record is
dismal against them. They simply expect to win.

We can’t take what they’re trying to give us. That walk could have been big with Shaddy & Kjerstad up. I thought Shaddy had tied it up then he finally got suckered by that curve

We’ve gone down there and made their bullpen look like the Yankees. They wish they’d had us on the schedule in March.

The record between us leads me to believe they always
love to see us on their schedule. The last decade has to
have them amused at our expense.

Arkansas probably should have won the past two series if it weren’t for late-game errors on Saturday. The Razorbacks have substantially closed the talent gap with LSU in the past decade, now they just have to get over the mental barrier.

If it’s was one error you might overcome it but it’s back to back errors that kill us against LSU. Why don’t we bunt in the wet grass.