Seen many great plays this year, but I think this is

I’ve seen many great baseball plays this year from our defense. I just gotta say without a doubt this play was amazing. No Stoval at 2nd base, no Bolton at short stop. Talk about replacing starting position players with the next in line and seeing them perform at top notch level… WOW!!! We are really seeing the whole “next up” dogma working to perfection.

Well… no more words when a picture will do. :slight_smile:


It was awesome! Curious if it made SC Top 10?


Based on what I see here, it should have.

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Wonder if he’ll test the waters for the draft? I don’t think he has enough playing time too. Love to have him back for Sr yr.

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It was like a bolt out of the blue

When the ball was hit I was hoping for a DP the traditional way and fully expected the relay to first

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