Seems we are adding a LB coach

And Coach Rhoads will continue to Coach the secondary per BB at Mt. Home last night.

I figured that is what might happen. A lot of 3-4 defenses have two linebackers coaches, one for the inside and one for the outside. Vernon Hargreaves has coached inside and outside linebackers, so there is some flexibility to make a hire. Paul Rhoads can still coach the secondary in addition to being a coordinator. Robb Smith helped with the secondary, but there always was a designated secondary coach to be alongside him.

From listening to Coach B, I think we will bring in an OLB coach that is a 3-4 guy.

I suspected Rhoads would keep coaching the DBs, or perhaps split up CBs and safeties with a new guy. But an OLB coach makes sense for the 3-4. Reading Clay’s piece, I think the 3-4 also makes sense. Too bad it wasn’t possible to install the 3-4 at midseason.

Matt does this mean the LB coach will fill the assumed void for the secondary coach, because Rhoads is going to keep the secondary? We will have a trade out at Dline soon. So I assume all of this means that the 10th coach is in ADDITION to these roles?

From a numbers standpoint, Arkansas is adding a linebackers coach and losing a secondary coach (Smith helped there).

The 10th assistant coach would probably be someone who coaches defense and special teams, but that may not be approved for a while longer.

Have they added the GA from Alfred Davis’s spot? I figure they might go with a former DB like Aaron Henry was when he was a GA.

I’m not aware if that has happened. Sometimes it takes a little longer for GAs to be appointed. They may not be able to get into school until the summer sessions.

Todd Berry, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, was on Bo’s show this afternoon (yes, the same Todd Berry who coached ULM one unfortunate night in WMS in 2012). He said he thought the 10th coach would be approved in April, but it might not go into effect immediately.

Bret Bielema said Monday night that it could be as far away as August before the 10th coach is actually a reality. Could happen after the spring, but more likely in August. He has visions of adding a second DL coach for that position, someone who also helps with special teams and recruits. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like Charlie Partridge to me. Maybe timing better then. That’s not from Bret, just speculation on my part.

Charlie was someone who helped with kickers and special teams. He’s a good one in every area.