Seems to me that for a quarter mil fine

espn would have to bring in their own crew to clean up a gym, stadium/arena after a pricey game like that.

There was a big group of kids and several adults from, I believe, a local high school still cleaning when I packed up about 11:45.

ESPN didn’t cause the court to be stormed. Why should they pay for it?

I’m reminded of a game in probably '82 where the track team was doing the cleanup at Barnhill as part of their work-study gig since none of them had full scholarships. I looked over from press row 30 minutes or so after the game and there’s future Olympic gold medalist Mike Conley sweeping up popcorn boxes. That struck me because Mike was probably a better hooper than several of the actual basketball players, but couldn’t play because of the NCAA limits on multisport athletes (he would have had to count against the basketball scholarship limit if he played). Now why Eddie didn’t go ahead and put him on basketball scholarship and let him run track on the side, I have no idea.

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How were the ratings for that game, compared to other Tuesday night games… idk, but ESPN benefited and they have photos all over their site, and videos, so seems like they got what they wanted. I bet if you asked them on the front end would you pay extra for this situation they’d say heck ya. But that’s why they enter contracts… Still, they got what they wanted is the answer to your question.

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