Seems time for youth to be served at Arkansas (story)

We will see if Coach Morris will actually let these kids play. He has a decent chance to win this game for his players for himself and for his staff. Will he have the courage to do this or will he just make it a token appearance by most of these guys.? He is in a quandary…if he knew he would be coming back, he certainly could play these kids and let the chips fall where they may. But, if he thinks he has to win an SEC game to save his job, he may just let these freshmen and John Stephen Jones make a token appearance. These last 4 games are going to be interesting.

Lets hope so (they play), but IMO there is no way Chad Morris is let go after this season. Besides the issue with owing fat-boy slim money Coach Morris needs to get minimum 3 years to develop the team. Now if there’s nothing substantial next year…
Good piece Dudley -