Seems our Out Of Conference games were not so bad

with the likes of #15 “THE” Oral Roberts University victory of #2 Ohio State and
with #13 North Texas win over #4 Purdue

Now is #14 Abilene Christian can beat #3 Texas it will be a nice trifecta.


I’d love to see Texas get upset

It’s always a great day when Texas loses.

Anytime Texas gets beat it should be like a National Holiday! The hogs non conference games weren’t really strong it was filled with mid majors that had a chance to win their conference regular season or tournaments. It sure wasn’t strong but it turned out to be pretty good. I hope ORU beats Florida!

Strange logic. ORU and NTSU beating heavily favored
opponents in the NCAA TOURNAMENT speaks loudly.


Oral Roberts wins!!!
North Texas wins!!!
Abilene Christian wins!!!


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