Seems like there is still room on the buss for a few more?

By my count we have either 11 (with JD) or 10 (if he leaves) on the roster for next year? (am assuming Moses is off to the NBA)

J Will
K Johnson
Akol Mawien
Bay Bay
? JD

Seems like there is room for another wing and/or forward at least

I think when it’s all done, there could be two to three more additions.


With Ethan out the door I’d like some more size brought in. Unless Patrick is going to come back from the Olympics with David Okwera in tow. Gardner would be a good start.

I’ll take Gardner and the Lawson brothers…

If JD leaves, we need another high % 3-pt shooter at the guard spot … either Jones (Penn State) or Jackson (Toledo) would fit the bill and may be an upgrade.


Yeah you better have several 3 pt shooters, Baylor had several and no way you could stop them, too many weapons… Bring in some shooters, Lykes can, keep them coming


Umude is a decent 3pt shooter as well at the wing …


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Great… Bring him on!

Umude shot .355 last year from deep; 80% from the line.

BTW, when he played at BWA in November 2019, he scored 13 points, hit his only trey and both free throws, and grabbed a game-high 8 boards.

Take Myreon off the list.

Another big roster turnover (like this past season). If Notae doesn’t return, only Williams and Devo were SEC or NCAA tourney contributors.

I think you’d better get used to that with Muss.


I don’t know that it is “A Muss Issue” but a transfer issue in all of college basketball. Didn’t someone post on here earlier this week that 25% of basketball players are in the transfer portal? Whether Muss “suggests” that they leave or not I think the future is one where you recruit high school players to replace your SR’s and you recruit the transfer portal to replace your transfers. The new normal. Glad we have Muss to navigate it as it appears from past history that he is really good at it!

Yep, 1200 in the portal out of about 4300 players in D-1.

I’m glad to see Muss’ reaction to the new normal. He has mastered it and I’m sure his NBA experience helped.

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