Seems like Hudson Clark needs a scholarship

To say the least.

Not a 5* athlete but 5* football instincts and ball skills

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Why stop with a schollie? Let’s throw in a statue too!


Great Highland Park Scot! Well coached in HS. Great instincts and athletic enough. Nice game Hudson!

I’m not opposed to renaming the stadium after him🤔


As soon as he can count against the 85 number.

He doesn’t need a scholarship. His dad is an executive with the Cowboys.

Well… More donations then!!


Hudson Clark received a helmet sticker during ESPN’s College Football Final! The announcers enjoyed calling the Hogs😁



Burlsworth award candidate…

That’s just stereotyping.

Nothing he has done suggests he is not athletic. He went toe-to-toe with Seth Williams (supposedly one of the best WRs in the SEC) last week and largely shut him down. Williams had 3 catches for 70 yards but his biggest gain was on someone else. Clark was stuck on him much of that night and made a heckuva leaping PBU play late in the AU game that but for a bad call and review might have been the play of the game.

And, yesterday, 2 of his 3 picks were going up high and high-pointing the ball and the other was driving hard on a pass and jumping it. Also, he (or his part of the zone) was only targeted 4 times in a game where OM threw the ball 38 times. That tells you that Clark was athletic enough to be all over the field covering receivers.

No. Nothing Clark has done has been just instincts or something that should suggest he’s not very athletic.

His athleticism has very much popped and but for stereotyping we would be wondering how such an athletic (but a bit skinny) kid with good speed, phenomenal ball skills and very good leaping ability didn’t have offers.

The kid can go and he knows it and plays like it.

Let’s give him that credit and not fall back on stereotyping.


give the coaching staff credit for recognizing who can play also, look around the league and you wont see any white corners, I cant even think of one from the past 10 years. That is one thing that I am noticing about this coaching staff, they can find the players and your rivals rating does not influence them, when they see good consistent effort, they are going to give that player a chance.

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I’ve thought the same thing-this staff is doing a great job evaluating their own roster and using players that can work-regardless of stars or scholarship or anything else. one of many extremely impressive aspects of this defensive staff.


I remember wondering in to myself in 1st or 2nd game and think it was mentioned on here, who is this Clark kid playing on defense? Couldn’t help but notice he was making plays. Then found out he was a walk on. Talk about a 10 carrot Diamond in the rough.

Sam said on SEC This Morning today that when we have a scholarship open in January, Hudson Clark will get one.

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As Jeff said, Coach said that he asked Clark into his office to tell him that.

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Each school can only nominate one person for the Burlsworth award for best walk-on. Do we nominate Clark or Grant Morgan? :thinking:

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What a great conundrum to have Jeff…

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That’s easy. Morgan this year and Clark next year.

Maybe in time, but he probably won’t be nominated this year. I would guess Arkansas’ nomination this year goes to Grant Morgan because he’s a senior. The Burlsworth committee takes nominations from schools, and only considers those players.

Probably, but it’s still early. Clark finishes with 8 or 10 picks…