Seems like an excellent choice for DC...

2009 Iowa State 7–6 3–5 4th (North) W Insight
2010 Iowa State 5–7 3–5 T–3rd (North)
2011 Iowa State 6–7 3–6 8th L Pinstripe
2012 Iowa State 6–7 3–6 9th L Liberty
2013 Iowa State 3–9 2–7 T–7th
2014 Iowa State 2–10 0–9 10th
2015 Iowa State 3–9 2–7 9th
Iowa State: 32–55 16–45
Total: 32–55

DB coach of the #79 defense. Is this what it looks like when there is no hope?

Have you looked at his defenses while he was the defensive coordinator at Pitt and Auburn? Six Top 30 defenses in nine years.

Thanks for the reply. I saw the 2008 season record @ Auburn - blah. I feel like we are shooting low on every hire we make. Sure, you can puff things up and make it look great. But when the losses continue, everyone is shocked. We are paying good money, have good facilities, and good athletes, so where does the problem lie?

I understand how you feel, but if CBB chooses CPR as his defensive coordinator, the new DC may be exactly what we need or not. We won’t know until the product is on the field. I just don’t think you can look at his years at Iowa State as a measuring stick for success. Not many people at Iowa State have success.

I would hope that if he is chosen for DC an Insider will inquire whether the former DC suppressed certain initiatives which might have made our defense somewhat better. And maybe that would be the reason for the hire from within.

BB is putting all his marbles on the DC. He’s on a seat that’s definitely not cool, and knows any hire could lead to his fire. So I assume he will make a calculated, educated, and logical to him decision. May not be logical to us, as CPR isn’t all that logical to many. (Me included)
But I figure BB knows what’s riding on this hire, and that is ultimately his job.

Do you really think a guy making multi millions of dollars a year to run ourfootball program isn’t making the wisest decision he can possibly make?

Do you think you know better than he who he should hire?


I completely agree that he should be judged for his DC history and not his HC history at Iowa State. He had some top 10 defenses in stout conferences. Rhoads is a great fit for a team that needs a DC to have a short learning curve as we enter Spring Practice. A new DC will have to learn the players, nuances of the performances, who is returning, relate to the players and relate to coaches. He may have to hire some new coaches too. I think it would be wise to promote Rhoads, because a new DC would have challenges by not knowing the team, players, and performance level alone. I still think Rhoads was an insurance policy hired for this situation, so that he would be here waiting in the wings. The players know him and the recruits know him.

His performance as a defensive coordinator is relevant. Using his head coaching numbers at a dead-end school, how is that relevant?