Seems a lot of receivers get behind us

For two weeks in a row the other QB has missed several open receivers. I didn’t see enough of the A&M game to know if that QB did the same thing, but it sure concerns me.


For three weeks in a row. Careful, Clay and Jeff are about to descend upon you. You should be well aware that our DC will amend his game plan to account for these issues. Not to worry.

(This is what I been saying, and it worries me just a little.)

Fred, your whining gets really, really old.


Well, I’m beginning to get an army behind me, Neast has the same question I do.

What’s old is your standing on the toilet to look down at folks.


We were fortunate against UT. They missed three or four wide open receivers which could have been TDs.
ATM will hit those passes as well as Ole Miss and Bama.”
Definitely room for improvement there.
And how about those late hits? Didn’t expect any today after last week but I was wrong.
Hopefully we can tighten it up against the Aggies. Tired of losing to them due to something stupid.
UA…Campus of Champions


I agree. It’s an issue. We’ve seen it the past 2 games where we have receivers who have beaten our defense deep but the QB has missed them. We’ll face QBs that won’t miss. Have to get that corrected.

How many times did the QB have a perfect pocket and wasn’t under some pressure which made him throw it before/after he wanted? I can only think of one against Texas where he just flat out missed him while having time. We aren’t perfect with our deep coverage, but I’m not as concerned as both Texas and GA Southern QB’s/RB’s were their strengths.


Ole Miss has the best quarterback in the country. He is much better than Rattler.

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Lighten up folks. We are 3-0 and ranked.

Some of you act like our past 10 years have been like Alabama’s.

Covering speedy, shifty receivers isn’t as easy as it looks. A better pass rush always helps.

Have y’all noticed our receivers get open too?


Odom will change the game plan to give the hogs the best chance to win. The threat of the Georgia Southern offense was the triple option. They had 1 big play! That play was the result of a blitz and the DE took an inside move!
The open receivers the QB missed that happens and that wasn’t the #1 threat of that team.
I think next week our hogs will have a few picks. Let’s sit back and enjoy this win.
I’m hoping to hear some good news about the injury report.

The S and DB were caught peeking in versus teams that are 90% run.

If we play Mississippi State and they break off a 50 yard run that doesn’t necessarily mean Odom needs to put 8 in the box either.

Coach Odom focused his scheme on each particular opponents strengths which simply means the probability of success is low, unfortunately with everyone crashing down the QB gets a 76yd td.

What bothers me is when a Offense puts up 630yds (366 by the Qb) and fans complain about the backup not being the starter.



Good point.

I’ll be honest, if Dudley wasn’t harping about this same thing on Twitter during the game, I would have thought KJ had played a bad game, just from watching. Silent success. That’s a good thing.

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When their QB had lots of time, he was accurate on several deep throws. When he was scrambling, not so much. Our defense, so far, has played well, much better than last year. In every game, it is a constant battle between schemes and athletes and nobody wins every battle, everywhere on the field, every play. If you have dominant players at every position, you take less chances for the other coordinator to take advantage of. Being better overall is way short of being dominant against anyone. We pack it in across the field to stop the option running game and that puts our deep defenders one on one against their receivers. If their QB gets enough time, he will hit them deep occasionally. Last year, Carroll didn’t make that throw much at all. We won. This year maybe he will. Odom’s defense last year, with far less depth, held Bama’s offense way below their season average. It was our special teams and turnovers that gave them the dominating win. Odom is getting terrific praise nationally for his schemes and player development. I suspect he noticed the open deep receivers. Probably, if he double covers those deep guys, you get to comment on some long runs or their successful short passing game. One thing is sure. No defensive coordinator wins every battle, holds every play to no gain, or knocks down every pass. So, there is always something (for those who like that sort of thing) to complain about.

Good summarization. I do think our secondary is suspect, but you’re correct if we can drop eight, the deep pass won’t be as easy, but we will give up some yardage on the ground.

Plus, I’ve watched aTm the last two weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if GA So would have beaten New Mexico by double digits

Fred does not read my stories. I’ve mentioned that very issue. I am not sure Fred can read. That happens when you get old.

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How did this thread get so snarky?

It’s Fred. He has always been snarky. I don’t put up with his stuff. Never have. Ha.

It started about 20 years ago when he said his goal on this site was to make me accountable. Really, that’s the goal?

He knows I’m just joking mostly.

I don’t think he reads anything anymore – stories, other threads. So he’ll duplicate things that are already discussed.

This is a good point on the defensive play. I did get to it deep in my story. So I agree with Chip.

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And to point out the OP’s thoughts about it being two weeks in a row, I thought Rice had open receivers deep. They did connect on one of them, but there were others open. So I think it’s been three weeks in a row.

I don’t remember that, but I am sure it must be true. I’m old enough to remember you lived in Meadowcliff–and might be able to point out the house if I went back there.