Seems a little quite while I'm checking between work stuff

Whats going on? Is Muss there? Is a PC being set up? Is the BOT not happy with the pick? Seemed a whirl of info, speculation, posts an hour ago but kinda quited down?

Meh…nobody knows squat :sunglasses:

Pig Trail Nation just tweeted no press conference imminent…stand down

I know that Musselman is being reported as being here, but I can’t get that confirmed by enough sources and thus I am not reporting that.

If he is, that would be the first guy to come to this campus in awhile to do an actual interview.

And places are staked out.

Can you say why BWA looks like it is being set up for a press conference?

Because there will eventually be one and practices the NCAA allows now would happen in practice facility


If he’s really on campus and nothing is going on but an interview (with who knows how many people), this is a totally ridiculous head coaching search. Very John White-like.

Those press conferences take a while to set up. There was already a lot of stuff happening on campus this week, notably the spring game preparation. It doesn’t surprise me they are already set up and ready to go for the basketball press conference. I would do the same if I was in that situation.

Dudley and Matt, timetable expert’s guess. When will we know something definitive on who it will be?

HY has been so tight lipped on this which is fantastic. For all we know, he would have already flown some place and met with Musselman to do the interview. Dudley posted an article that said Musselman was still in Reno except for a short vacay to La Jolla, CA. Maybe it happened there! Who knows but each day it goes by the more these stories will keep coming out lol.

My best guess would be by Friday unless they are waiting on Chris Beard to say no.

I don’t know if he has been asked the question.