Seeing some decommits

Well, stats don’t really mean much to the NFL, some guys are great system QB’s, but don’t translate well to the NFL. I just think he’ll be back and try it after the next season.

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I think QB stats don’t mean that much in the NFL, I think top tackler in the SEC means alot. Maybe he comes back and enjoys the good life on Campus. We’ll see.

Top tackler depends on the system, we funnel our production to our LB’s, also, not getting off the field quick enough will leave you out there to make more tackles!


Most defense’s do, guess what position the top two tacklers in the NFL play?

Actually I’m waaay off, top ten tacklers in the NFL play linebacker. LB’s are a premium in the NFL.
Now I surely hope your right and BP comes back, 'cause we’re looking a lil short there next year. :sunglasses:

How is the NCAA supposed to know the difference???

Beats me, but how were they supposed to know Will Wade was making SAOs until the FBI planted a bug?

Raym would be a good OL pick up

tcu and smu has had some notable decommits/portal transfer entries that are/were in our recruiting wheelhouse sweet spot. It don’t gotta be OU or LSu kids who we should want and pursue, this last weekend has created wide spread chaos and opportunity. And yet somehow Jimbo keeps pulling in a near #1 recruiting class to A$M. Just like Kirby said, you cannot outcoach recruiting and it truly takes an arrogant _ _z like Jimbo to lose with the talent that he has/is collecting. Recruiting gonna be a wild ride this year.


Understand that most of the SMU decommits are players who will follow Dykes to TCU. SMU may have missed an opportunity to join the Big12. SMU was willing to commit the $ for a stadium & coaching staff but with administration hesitancy they failed to make this cut. Expect that we have more opportunities to pick up the OU decommits that do not follow Riley to USC but very few out of LSU since Kelly appears to be an upgrade for LSU.

We’ll only be able to pick up transfers as we lose the appropriate number of transfers in our own program. We’re at the limit for the 2022 class.

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