Seeing some decommits

From OU and LSU. And then there’s the portal. I remember we were hot and heavy after Andrew Raym before he chose the Paperclips, and probably some others at both schools.

This could get really interesting.


Hope so Swine - the CB, Williams, is one that comes to mind…

Commitments still take visits too.

Please elaborate. I can’t tell if this is a positive or negative statement.

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There might be some noteworthy news of a prospect committed elsewhere.


We don’t have much room at all for this class do we?

We don’t know yet. There may be more room depending on how many (if any) people hit the portal after the December signing period.

We have 20 commits so far, so if nobody hits the portal, that leaves 5 more spots for signees or transfers.

Ok, was thinking 2 spot left with no change.

Nope, we counted the 3 DL transfers in the 2022 class, we have room for one more, and he’s already committed to the staff.

That’s right, but we still don’t know if we’ll have seven more to hand out in February based on portal activity.

Oh, I bet Sam has an idea on what may/will happen.

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Do we know or have a count of those from the current team who will return next season? Assume CSP & staff are currently having those discussions.

I recollect there being 29 seniors & understand some may return based on COVID 2020 allowing an extra year of eligibility.

I understand that if a school encourages a kid to hit the portal after the signing period, they can’t replace him with an extra February signee, but if he leaves on his own, they can. So there’s that consideration

lots of coaching fall out in Norman for a staff that recruits great, many are re-enacting the Dust Bowl movement and heading to Cali. Recruiting is now a big uncertainty in the swamps and whatever Norman qualifies for.

Lol, you mean a coach saying “you’re buried deep on our depth chart and you’ll likely never play here, but you’re welcome to hold a tackling dummy for the next two years”? I’m saying Sam knows who’s been grumbling to their position coach and is likely to want to transfer.

No I’m saying someone like Mike Woods who was going to play plenty and left anyway.

What’s everybody’s take on Sam saying he was trying to talk Bumper into staying? Was he kiddin’?
I see Bumper in the NFL next year.

Coach Pittman is trying to get a few come back for another year and that included Pool.

Bumper is coming back, he’s at best a last day draft choice/UDFA. We’ll be happy he’s coming back.


I woulda thought he was higher, only SEC player w more tackles is the 'backer from LSU.