Seeing calls for seniors to get an extra year

Sorry BakedHog, my spellcheck turns you into a Dog. I had to add another letter at end of BakedHog and back up to get it work when I edited my post.

I’m wondering if a player like Whitt who has already grad transferred would even be considered anyway.

Well Jeff, I’ll guess it’s the lawsuits over the best interests of the student/athletes. It’s all about the money. Cover your rear end.

Somethings never change.

in response to your topic, I think I should be due extra years due to my non-smoking and exercise regimen, but if you can add one more year on top of that I am much obliged.

You may be right, but accidentally they could also do the right thing.

I don’t think anyone would sue over losing their senior season to a virus, an act of God if you will. But you never know if some lawyer thinks he can make a buck.

Lo and behold, they’re doing the right thing. Not clear if this will include hoops, which isn’t necessarily considered a spring sport, but track, baseball, etc., would be included.

No issue from 2007 until we switched to WHS my screenname was BakeDog, so we’re still good

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