Seeing calls for seniors to get an extra year

Which would be wild. It would also require lifting the scholarship limit for a year. Let’s say Whitt and Adrio got to stay around and play with Moody and KK and Williams.

But you only get 4-5 years in college max, and a lot of people are losing 25% of their college career as far as a chance to win a championship. If you’re planning to go pro after this year anyway, meh. Kjerstad isn’t going to stick around and play for free in 2021 when he’s got seven figures waiting for him in June.

It will be interesting. If they’re concerned about taking care of the student-athlete, it should be a no-brainer. But things are rarely that simple.

I doubt we’ll ever see Kjerstad, Nolan, Martin or Opiz in a Razorback uniform again. Just to name a few.

That is a sad thought.

I could care less about crap like this. I am worried about everyday Americans losing everything they own because of the complete shut down of our economy. Those kids will be fine in their Pro Careers.

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That’s what it’s coming to in the big scheme of things arlington.

I have seen Coach Zimmerman say that. Don’t think heard anyone else say that.

We finished the regular season. There was a case to be made if regular season was still in progress. That is not the case. Plus a lot of seniors finished their season. For example Ole Miss and Vanderbilt seniors. Do you give them an extra year too? Not very realistic.

I’ve actually seen some others say that as well, including some underclassmen, ESPN, CBS Sports and a few coaches.

It’s interesting because one actually had a similar statement to someone who I think posted it on here, and that was SR’s could have an extra year, but had to stay at current school (all Spring sports). I immediately thought of the 6’10 Grad Transfer we had reached out to, would that have hamstrung him and kept him at his current school?

I’m sure all of us can agree with your sentiments. The impact will be huge and many will never recover physically or economically.

This other stuff means little. But there is a sadness for them and our fans.

Not just the grad transfers, but there will be a lot of other chaos. Remember I have been saying that I worry about Moody signing if both Joe and Jones stay. Imagine what happens to all the decisions recruits have made to commit or sign because of spots opening up where they committed.

I know you won’t say this, but others will say they all love competition for PT. I don’t buy that for a second. Every recruit makes a decision based on what school is best for him based on his set of priorities and none of those priorities include where can I find the best competition.

When kids say I want to play with other great players, that means they want a spot and they want top talent around them. For example, Moody was happy to start with four other great players at Monteverde. But would he have stayed his senior year there if he didn’t think he would start his senior year?

NCAA has a lot to think about before doing this,

Nobody has forgotten your take on Moody, PJ. You drone on and on about it, almost like it’s your duty to cast doubt, and it gives you pleasure. It was tiring when you started spouting off about it in November, and now it just seems sad. And if you really think that great players don’t want to play with other great players, I would be happy to show you my National Championship ring to prove they do.

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Ok Jeremy we all know about your Nat Champ Ring by now. Congrats again

Miss the point much, Jimbeau?

The NCAA has started to actually take an interest in the well-being of student-athletes; whether that’s due to altruism or the fear of more lawsuits, I can’t say (possibly both). The stated rationale for playing the Dance in empty arenas, for the 24 hours that was in place, was to give the players on the teams the chance to compete. Some of those athletes’ careers just ended, unless they’re given an extra year. And some of them may not want that extra year; get out, get a job, start their lives, etc.

But what does it hurt to give a one-year waiver on the scholarship limits and let the kids who want that final season have that chance? If you want to specify that repeat seniors stay at their original schools unless they’ve graduated, fine. If they’ve graduated, they should be able to utilize the grad transfer rule just like any other graduate with remaining eligibility. Let Bailey and Whitt hang around if they want. Even more so for baseball, track and the other spring sports that were cut off before the season really got started.

If the NCAA allows the extra year of eligibility to all seniors and expands roster sizes, it would create an added expense for programs because they would have to cover the tuition and cost-of-living expenses for more athletes. For Power 5 programs, that’s an expense that can be covered easily, but a lot of smaller programs operate on low budgets and derive a lot of their operating budget from athletic fees that are built into students’ tuition.

I understand we’re talking basketball here and there are a limited number of scholarship athletes. The same goes for most spring sports, including some that are equivalency. But there are probably dozens of sports that were affected by the NCAA’s decision yesterday - 14 at Arkansas when counting indoor and outdoor track teams, and that doesn’t take into consideration the sports the Razorbacks don’t sponsor. It seems like it could add up pretty fast.

I was reminding BakedHog about Moody. But, I understand everyone can read it too. I wasn’t going to talk about Moody anymore, but brought him up to make my point to BakedHog.

Yes, I would like some examples from you. Before you give examples, let me spell it out clearly what I said.

I said if I think I am great player, I want a starting spot on the team and I want great players in other four spots and on the bench. I will wait for your examples.

Careful PJ you miss the point, lol.

The NCAA’s Council Coordination Committee has agreed to grant relief for the use of a season of competition for student-athletes who have participated in spring sports.

Committee will also discuss issues for winter sport student-athletes.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) March 13, 2020

That makes sense. Their seasons have hardly begun or haven’t begun. Glad they did that,

I’m trying to understand how if by some slim chance Whitt and Bailey were given another year it would change Moody’s mind. I’ve watched Moody a few times. He looks like he can play 3 positions.

I believe it is BakedHOG, but regardless, I don’t owe you any examples of great players who came together to be even greater, whether they were a guaranteed starter or not. ANY team that has won at a high level, HAS to have players like that, and every single one of them does.

I was using Moody as a hypothetical example to make my point. In that hypothetical example, Whitt and Bailey returning would not concern Moody. I should have taken time to come up with an example from another team.

Think about another team with a star senior and a recruit they have committed or signed to replace him. That will clear your thinking and not worry about hidden agendas and such things. After thinking through that it still doesn’t make sense, there is nothing else to say.