Seeing a lot of maturity

at the plate lately. Some guys are laying off the bad pitches that they couldnt resist a month ago. Taking advantage of pitches they can hit. Not going for the fences so much. You guys know who I’m talking about.

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Hmm, so maybe our hitting coach is not doing so poorly?


Good one Marty. How many were questioning his coaching a few weeks back?


Sorry, Marty, doesn’t work that way…

Thompson needs to be fired for not instilling this maturity sooner … before we pissed away the SEC West crown.

Secondly, Hobbs has gotta go too. That pitching display down in Stillwater was atrocious. (Having a team ERA of 2.0 in Chapel Hill doesn’t cancel out that embarrassment.)

And for the hat trick … DVH has had plenty of opportunities to win the NC. If he fails again this year, he clearly can’t get the job done. Time to look at someone else.

Obviously I don’t really feel this way.

But you know we have some fans out there that do. :disappointed:


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