Seed options are becoming clearer

Go 2-0 and we end up a 3 (taking Tennessee’s spot). Just don’t see enough other teams ahead of us loosing to get to a 2.

1-1 and likely a 4 or 5 depending on what happens with other teams (basically where we are now).

0.-2 suspect we end up a 5 or more likely a 6

SECT doesn’t make much difference in the seeding except for bubble teams or surprise runs to the championship game

I agree in part and disagree in part.

SECT, for instance. If the season ended today and not Saturday night, we’d be the 2 seed in the SECT. UK would be the 3, EOE the 4. But there’s a four way tie for 6th, with LSU, Florida, Moo U and the Poultry.

So after the double bye, we probably play the 7 on Friday. If that’s LSU, Q1. If that’s Florida, borderline Q1 on a neutral floor. They might be there if they stay 7th and then win a game on Thursday. Moo U is also borderline Q1. Poultry is Q2 at best, not going to worry about that.

But let’s say we win tomorrow, lose at Tennessee, then beat LSU and Kentucky to get to the final in Tampa. That could still be worth a 3, with a 3-game sweep of LSU and a 2-game sweep of Kentucky, and an 8-5 Q1 record.

If we end up a 4 or 5 (which is my guess), then the other 4/5 we would play in the 2nd round will almost certainly say, “Wow, that was an under-seeded team!”

A 3 seed would really be saying that about us in the 2nd round if we are a 6 seed.

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It’s not over until it’s over. SEC tourney games do count.

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All the hogs need to worry about right now is the LSU game! Every game counts! Don’t forget Hofstra! That’s the stinker that haunts our hogs right now it’s counting loud and clear in a bad way.
Just keep winning. One game at a time!
I’m holding out hope to win the LSU and Tennessee games. Then in the SEC tournament get 2 more Q-1 wins.
If that lands the hogs in the 3 to 4 seed range for the dance so be it. I just hope if we get the 4/5 seed line the Zags are the 2 seed in the bracket.

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