See ya later...

Few of you know or interact with me. For those that care, I’m gonna sign off for a while.

Boards have lost a lot of their flavor for me and my CC expired. Rather jump through hoops to update it, I’m just gonna sign off.

I hope our new coach makes us a winner

Go Hogs!

Good luck. Have great summer and maybe the Hogs will have a much better season and you come back.

Good luck.

See you on the flip side sir!

Good luck. I would personally handle getting your card updated. I have not had to do that in quite a bit, but I bet I can still do it! Used to do it all the time.

Take care Brother …Good luck


Relax & Enjoy the break. See ya next year after The football team makes & wins a bowl game, basketball team reaches round of 32 in the NCAAT,
baseball team wins CWS.

Gentry…maybe you should take Clay’s offer. I know it’s a tough time to be a Razorback fan, but keep the faith. I’ve enjoyed your posts. If you do take a break, we’ll still be here when you come back.

Take care