Not really surprised but the west is 3-0 against the east in Hoover.

A&M over UF
OM over MU
AU over TN

LSU plays the late game against SC. I’ll be very surprised if SC pulls the upset. If LSU does win, there will 2 east teams (Vandy & UGA) & 6 west teams still alive in Hoover. Just confirms what we’ve known for several weeks: the west is much stronger than the east. However, I expect Vandy & UGA to win their games tomorrow.

Early lead for S Carolina. 5. LSU 1.
Henry didn’t get through 2 innings! I hope S Carolina beats LSU!

I’d kinda like to see LSU go down, too. Let be a 2 seed somewhere out west

I wish Alaska had a regional to send them too!

Well, they did get sent to Oregon State’s regional last year. That’s about as close as you’re gonna get to your wish.

With them winning tonight, it’s probably moot anyhow . . .