Section 101

It’s dads day weekend for my son’s frat, so we’ve had a great time overall. I bought us tickets for Saturday’s baseball game, and just happened to get them in section 101, having essentially no prior knowledge of Baum.
Wow, what a jackpot of a section! It was a great group of folks, with 3 guys who were fantastic. “Jim” on the front row, “Kyle “ and his friend on row G were right in front of us. Man, they make a baseball game fun. I highly highly recommend you guys grab seats in 101 and just enjoy the show.

Oh yeah, a come from behind, multi homer, Bama manager getting tossed, type of game is also very fun. What a day!



I have friends who have had season tickets in Jim’s section. I will sometimes go down and sit with them for an inning. He is a hoot.

Those guys used to be in 103 before the new ticket policy

Jim has always been in section 101. He is also the guy who conducts the player introductions during recruiting nights at the Catfish Hole. He is also the one who puts the Ks on the wall in front of 101. I’ve known him for years, he is a great fan and a fun guy.

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Jim used to be known as TulsaHog.

Who was the gentleman that used to hand out gum/candy to kids? I loved him when I was younger, I’m pretty sure he passed years ago but he was always fun to watch at the games too.

Candy Man

I think he moved away

Was not all that old

I just remember I was a young pup, like 10-13, back when you could get a foul ball off the berm if you were fast enough.

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