Secret Basketball scrimmages

P6 schools all over the country have been holding scrimmages against other P6 teams. These scrimmages are held without fans and media, but have regular refs and score keeping, and they have been labeled “secret scrimmages”. These scrimmages are in addition to NCAA sanctioned exhibition games. As an example, last week Gonzaga played Michigan State and Ohio State played Louisville. Also Alabama played somebody.

Coaches have said these scrimmages are a big help in preparing for the season, since unlike exhibition games, the scrimmages are against P6 schools.

Hope Muss and Arkansas take advantage of this next season,

I liked what they did with UALR although I know that was done with a waiver.

That was one of the two exhibition games. The secret scrimmages are outside of that.

Yes, I do like what they did with UALR game. Having a game against another Division One school in conjunction with revenues going to a charitable cause such as Arkansas Flood Relief was brilliant. Whoever thought of that, Hunter, Muss or a staffer needs special kudos.

You don’t think I know the difference between a secret scrimmage and and an exhibition? :grinning:

I was simply making a point that I like the game with UALR, made possible by the waiver.

So how does one dress for a secret scrimmage? I"m guessing you don’t break out your Saturday best game unis. Of course no one who reads this board should be able to answer this.