Question for Matt, Scottie or anyone else,

As we got so depleted last night in the secondary were you surprised that Khari Johnson wasn’t out there (that I saw) vs walk on Hudson Clark? I think I remember him getting good comments from Sam and he was listed as a back up on the two deep, at least at one point.

Because we don’t see practice, it’s hard to say how good the players are who don’t play much. I thought Clark played well.

Is Malik Chavis seeing the field? It didn’t look like he was dressed out last week but never saw him against MSU.

Obviously Devin bush is either been hindered to where he couldn’t practice much or he is just not playing well at all because he would have been in there otherwise. Where was Khari Johnson?

Chavis was in uniform last night. Sam said Clark has practiced well enough to get in the rotation. It’s a case of Covid knocking scholarship players off the practice field and a third teamed getting time and performing well in practice. He has covered well and tackled well.

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