Secondary Shake-up finds Kurl at Strong Safety (story)... … ng-safety/

I thought that last year he should’ve been playing safety. Definitely fits him better, even though he did very well at corner I think he could be even better at safety.

Pulley’s injury forced Curl into the line up.

They thought he was the most prepared.

He got beat time after time on the deep ball. Did he move because of a lack of speed or lack of experience? I felt sorry for him…they just kept picking on him by going deep. He wasn’t ready to play, I didn’t think…at least he didn’t look prepared to play at corner. Hopefully, he will be ready to go this year.

It was not lack of speed. He was a frequent biter on double moves, and sometimes otherwise just did not recognize the routes he was seeing or appreciate the speed of some of the SEC receivers. In other words he looked like a true freshman out there.

So I don’t think there is any reason to think he lacks athleticism to play safety. The fact he has played CB is probably a plus going forward.

I thought for a freshman that he played well last year. It’s hard for any freshman at any position to come in and be ready for SEC football. Many do, but the majority aren’t. He played well when pressed into playing time so early in the season. When other coaches see FR by the name of a starting cornerback, you can bet he’s going to be tested. The experience from last year should bode well for him at the new position.

I’m no great judge of talent by any means, but he seemed to be fast and quick, seemed to have good hips and good change of direction.

He bit on double moves, but I don’t remember seeing receivers just run by him, at all.

He was called fro several PI’s, some deserved some total BS.

But man, our league has some good QB’s and some good receivers. CB is a very tough job

I’m excited about his future, and I love his move to safety.


I thought Curl was a phenomenal freshman’s CB. He got picked on by quite a few officials in my opinion which made him look not as good as he really was. There was some (a bunch of) balls he got flagged for tha a sr prob wouldn’t (or bama corner).