Secondary recruiting, other question

I know sometimes people say that stars don’t matter and there are times when recruiting services get it flat out wrong and players exceed expectations. I tend to think that they do matter and Arkansas has really struggled to land high ranked secondary players. By ESPN services, we haven’t landed a 4* or higher since Darius Winston. They just bumped Flanagan up to a 4* today. That gives us 3 4* star secondary commits this class alone. Put that with the 2 4* we landed last class and that is a great improvement and gives us 5 in 2 years. Not a single 1 since 2009. We have struggled on the field for years in the secondary and maybe these guys can help change that. I really like the secondary class in 2017 and look for big things from that group. Now all we need is bishop and this class will be very nice. Is Rhoads the reason for the increase in talent, or what? Whatever it is, is nice and hope it translates to the field:

I know it’s early and the recruiting numbers are going to change, but with what we have now, what are the position the coaches are looking to finish out on? We already have
1 RB
1 QB
1 TE
1 LB
1 CB
2 S
1 K (not sure if walkon or scholarship)

Any information is appreciated

Sorry I miss it earlier.

As you said very fluid. The numbers can also change based on the season and how some of the younger guys develop or don’t develop.

Will take Bohanon at QB. 1-2.
1-2 RB
1 TE
3 OL
1-2 WR
2 DL
1-2 LB
2-3 DB

2-3 DB… does this mean Ladarius Bishop missed his chance? We have 3 DBs now.

No. I’m counting Flanagan as an athlete.

Ok, what about Ken Montgomery? I know at one point he was very high on the hogs.

I think the ship has sailed. They would’ve taken him at one time.