Second Arkansas walk-on enters portal

I read somewhere that there are a lot of walk-ons in the portal hoping they can land scholarships somewhere. Good luck to him and Obukwelu.

I see a lot of redistribution of talent across college basketball.

  1. Top talent in P6 school is moving to another P6 school. E.g. Lykes
  2. The top contributors from mid-major are finding landing spots at P6 schools. e,g. Umude
  3. #2 is creating openings in mid-majors, which are being filled by second or third tier talent from P6 schools. E.g. Darious Hall

And I suspect, those mid-major openings that remain unfilled could be filled by walkons from P6 schools like our two guys. I believe Obukwelu came to us from a mid-major, didn’t he?

Obukwelu actually came to us from D-3 Texas-Tyler. Since he wasn’t on scholarship there, being a walk-on here was just at a higher level.

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He transferred from the University of Texas-Tyler

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There’s a (remote) possibility that this is a one time realignment. Maybe after the next few years transpire everything will settle down and transfers will subside.

Pavlov I’ll beat you to this one. There is a school in Kentucky that will offer an enticing name for this young man’s services.

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