Second and Third, no outs?!?

Maybe use a right handed hitter, DVH is a stubborn coach. He never bunts and yet he tries to bunt Gregory with no outs. That alone says pinch hit. Better get going or will get swept.

Tonight we gave up 2 hits and lost.

Gregory is Arkansas’ best on-base man and Stovall was 2 for 2 at that point. Which right-handed hitter are you bringing off the bench and how are you going to reposition your defense the next inning? There is a lot to consider.

Both had ABs, but I never thought twice about either batting in that situation.


Both are batting low 100’s against left-handers. Stovall’s success had been against a right-hander. Both their prior at-bats against this pitcher they looked overmatched.

It screamed pinch hit

Their seventh-inning ABs were their first against the reliever.

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We’ve had a high strikeout ratio for years now. Been our Achilles heal for a long time. Look up the stats. We seem to be feast or famine. Btw, Bob Moore don’t talk trash about Tennessee when you’re barely hitting 240. Just saying!!


It’s one game! The sky isn’t falling. The hogs had a bad night with runners in scoring position. 1 for 8 I think. I wouldn’t have ouch hit with Gregory?
The walks and error cost the hogs this game! Tomorrow is another game flush it!


Yep move on from this. Was a pitchers dual.
If Mr Smith has all of his pitches working tomorrow I really like our chances. Even tho he has struggled a little away from Baum.

Their pitchers pitched well. One error cost us 1 and maybe 2 runs. It sucks losing the opener, but losing 2-1 after outhitting them 5-2 is just part of baseball.

When it comes to baseball decision-making, I’ll go with DVH’s judgment

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Sorry, had the timing confused

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Never mind

Absolutely. Agree with Jackson, too. Wasted a two hitter on the road - easily could have moved Slavens to 1B and brought in a right handed hitter, maybe Leach.

Pretty sure if you move the DH to a position, you lose the DH and the pitcher must hit

I don’t see someone on the bench I think is a prototype pinch hitter. But I did not have a lot of confidence in that situation except for Slavens with a 2-0 count.

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Varnardo has hit before for Gregory, possibly Soliz.
Just don’t like the lefty/lefty matchup.

Defensively Diggs or Soliz could have played 1st and Bohofren or Varnado could have went to left.

Big opportunity wasted in a game we should have won.

So Jackson, are you saying you’d rather see Varnado at the plate than Gregory? Holy Moly!

Is Soliz on the traveling squad?

hopefully DVH is reading this board and gathering insights on how to manage and improve his team!

Just kidding… :rofl:


Yep in that spot against the tough lefty I would have preferred a right handed hitter, same on Stovall.

If Stovall is over .200 in conference I’d be shocked, and that’s with his 2/2 night he had going.

Gregory is not a guy that hits a lot in positive counts because he works deep into counts. A good way to have to swing at a ball imo.

I have not seen anything from any of those freshmen that says “pinch hit me with an SEC road game on the line.” Prob why Van Horn did not.

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You certainly have a right to your opinion.

Bear in mind however, that it doesn’t take a Whitey Herzog to start making suggestions AFTER THE FACT when things don’t work out.


YUP, same ole story. We’re 30-8, I’ll let DVH coach.