Secnation Paul finebaum show at ark

Need to tune in if ya can, Paul is freezing his tail off!!

It’s sure nice to see Paul freeze a little. I wish it would snow!

He couldn’t even speak earlier, he was shivering so much!

how that nerd has made it to where he is now is unreal…definently a face for radio.

Is there any reason to disparage this man’s genetic appearance just because he is an unapologetic Alabama loyalist?
I wonder if anyone would be saying the same thing if Arkansas had the good fortune to have hired a coach that had been able to build the type of success and national championships?
Just think, Arkansas hires a great coach that brought 4 and 5 star recruits to the Hill year after year and won multiple SEC and National Championships, Wally Hall could’ve been the face of SEC Nation? How would you guys feel about that?

Go Hogs!

Dude get a sense of humor everybody loves to pick on Finebaum he’s a nerd plain and simple but he laughs all the way to the bank

My sense of humor is just fine, just pointing out what a senseless post this was.

I don’t watch him unless I want to hear someone talk about Alabama, Auburn or Tennessee.

Finebaum gives us something to express our good natured humor during these difficult times.
As for Wally, I wouldn’t care if he had his own skybox & street named after him if we were winning championships at the clip Bama is.

Just saw Alex Collins on the show. A great great interview.The U of A needs to get the video to show future recruits. A great ambassador for for Fayetteville and the Hogs

loved seeing Alex on there,one of my all time fave Hogs!

Rest assure they have a whole department - a very good one - who does stuff just like that.

Even though we’ve had a tough year it was good to see the fan support on sec nation.