SECN Broadcast = Strange. Nobody in the booth. 3 guys on the sidelines?

Not sure if I liked it or not. All you can hear is the crowd noise and can barely hear the announcers. Whoever the sound mixer is for SEC is horrible.


Maybe because I am a conductor…or maybe because I am insane…but I usually listen to two, even three broadcasts at once. It was fun syncing up Chuck/Quinn in one ear, and the network in the other.
Mary–who is still cancer free but also doing immuno every 6 weeks–was zonked out in the hotel…so I had to listen via headphones.

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You resemble that remark!

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Fox is even worse. I literally can’t stand their mix. Almost all crowd noise sometimes.

SEC Network is kind of like ESPN’s minor league. And like MLB does with some of its minor leagues, I think there are some things that are tested on SEC Network to see if it works.

The networks are trying to figure out how to keep the younger audience engaged, and some non-traditional broadcasts — like the Mannings’ alternate Monday Night Football and what Pat McAfee is doing with some of the Saturday night college games — are having some success. I think this is another attempt at that.

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I thought so much of it, I not only had the audio muted as always, but I turned the Closed Captions off pretty early on. I turned 72 Friday…ain’t nobody got time for that!

I wasn’t mad about it, just didn’t participate. Also, I don’t watch shows with a laugh track. Go Hogs!!!

I liked it. They were very kind to the Hogs, coaches and the program in general. Ole Miss fans had to hate it…

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It was a big fat belittling insult to the game, to the players, to the schools, and to the fans. This game was about the effort taking place on the field, not the announcers. SECN owes all mentioned above an apology.

Announcing should never detract from the game being played. That is the purpose of the broadcast. This is why sporting announcing would never be suggested as journalism.

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I hated it. I was interested in the game, not those idiots.

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I liked it but I also enjoy the manning cast and even pat mcafee

The coaches cut of national championship game is a lot like that.

I enjoyed the relaxed take.

I despised it too. It was all about them trying to be slick, funny and cute jocks. Worst broadcast idea ever.
Way, way over the top. I tune in to watch my team and the game, not a stupid sideshow.
It’s disrespectful to fans, at least those like me, but especially to the players and coaches who have worked and sweated so hard over the last year to be on the field.

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I miss the days of Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles in the booth and stereo sound.

I guess I’m an old fart.

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Disrespectful? Some of y’all really need to get over yourselves. You may not like it, but you aren’t being dissed. It’s not illegal not to do things 100% of the time the way it’s always been done.

I suspect the players love it, by the way, and the coaches don’t mind either.

As Geddy Lee sang a few years back, “changes aren’t permanent, but change is.”

I did not care where they called the game from and I know the elements and the score were factors, but still think they could have kept a little better focus on the field. I can’t remember that they missed plays as much it often seemed what was happening on the field was incidental to their ramblings.


I guess I am old (59). I hated it when they were “yucking it up” instead of showing/talking about the game.

Now, I didn’t even particularly notice that they weren’t in the booth (if they weren’t) until the second half when they obviously thought the game was over that it bugged me. The were too busy showing them eating popcorn with fans to even show the game (when they did cut back to the game, they didn’t talk about it)

Reminded me of listening to a Bill Walton basketball broadcast.

Complete garbage.

Let me know how that works out for their ratings.

I posted during the game…where is Bill Walton when you need him.

Just keep the camera on the field. That was my biggest complaint. Typically I listen to Quinn and Chuck but I had to tape the game and watch it delayed. So I had to listen to them.


I had mixed feelings about it. While the game was still in doubt (basically the first half), I found it a bit annoying. By the time the outcome was known (basically the 2nd half), it didn’t bother me as much and there were aspects of it I actually enjoyed. I thought some of the banter was funny & some of the interaction with the crowd and players was enjoyable.

I don’t care for any long interviews that happen while the game is going on. Last night they had Grant Morgan for a whole series of downs. I wanted to watch & hear about the game on the field.

Overall, I give the experiment a C+. I don’t want it to become a permanent thing. Put the PxP guys in the booth & have a good sideline reporter. That’s a time tested successful formula. The game is the entertainment for me.


Concur it was somewhat over the top. But let’s face it the game didn’t turn out to be something that kept me on the edge of my rocking chair. (Except for a touch of angst the last five minutes or so). Would I want this to be experience every broadcast…nope.

I enjoyed it. Thought it was kind of cool to break the norm and do something different for a game.
And I thought you got a better feel for the atmosphere and the crowd noise with the announcers at field level.

Of course, no one is suggesting they do it this way all the time, but for one night it was interesting. And probably a good spot for them to try it with a game that is not going to draw huge ratings numbers nationally anyway.

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