SECN Broadcast = Strange. Nobody in the booth. 3 guys on the sidelines?

At first, I thought they had technical problems, but they went the whole game chatting on the sidelines, yucking it up with fans, Tusk, cheerleaders, and, repeatedly, each other.

Is this a new way to do broadcasts? Has anyone else done this?

They did a sideline game last year, the Vandy-Ole Miss game. I thought it was kinda fun. Even got me to mute Chuck and Quinn and listen to them.

Here’s Tom Hart talking about it beforehand.

I hated it. Every freakin minute of it. They absolutely made it about themselves and not the game. There were times when I wondered if they were drunk, high, or both. Not that the SEC Network gives a rip about my opinion but they got an email about it this morning. It’s just more of that whole shock jock look at me kind of BS!


Very few old style PLAY BY PLAY broadcasters anymore…dying breed unfortunately.

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Auditioning for Alyssa Lang’s gig.

Speaking of Alyssa, she and Andraya Carter were going at each other pretty good on “Out of Pocket” the other night; Alyssa is a Chicken alum and Andraya played basketball for the Lady Vols. But I’m sure Alyssa didn’t expect to administer that kind of beatdown, and now Andraya will have to hear about it for the next year.


I turn the sound off.

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Some really old farts on this board. I thought it was great.


Hooker got injured, but he doesn’t play defense. Really surprising.

I posted this last year, but Alyssa and Andraya may be the best pair of in studio analysts SECN has. I really enjoy their interactions. Both are very knowledgeable when it comes to basketball.

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Great? Not sure but it was different. I thought it was OK.

If they had focused on the players/game with the perspective that is reflected in the article posted, that would be one thing. But it was more about them, their heated vests, how comfortable they were on the sideline, blah, blah, blah. I liked the part they did about Bumper at the end of the game.

When it’s 42-6, there’s not much game to focus on. Would have been something similar if they’d been in the booth.

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I resemble that remark! I am not old, I am just Juvenilley Challenged. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Tell those kids to quit running across my lawn!

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Not so sure I agree with that. When they were feeding Tusk, they nearly missed the plays on the field.

It’s already started.

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They had to do it twice so one clown could pretend to lose a finger to Tusk. They cut away early the first time so the nitwits had to repeat it.

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I’m an old fart, hated it!

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Obviously they wouldn’t have been horsing around with the mascot if they were in the booth, but they would be talking about everything but what was happening on the field.

I’m a really old fart and I thought it was like watching The Three Stooges. Like someone else said, it was all about them and hardly anything about the game. Only thing worse is trying to watch a game on SEC+.