5 minutes in and Tenn up 14-0. aTm is 0-8, including 0-7 from 3-point land. WTH?? Yesterday they couldn’t miss. They could have dropkicked the ball from halfcourt and hit nothing but net. They could have lobbed it full court and…swish. Today 7 mostly uncontested threes, no points. What gives?? Lololol.

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Yeah I just posted about that myself absolutely ridiculous how easy they’re making this look

The old Aggies have came back to their average form 3! They have made zero 3’s. It sums up our luck in the SEC Tourney.


Well the size of Tennessee is absolutely killing them. They have a 7-footer. And at times 2 6’10 guys who can move that’s a huge difference between what we can put out there.

The other thing is Tennessee doesn’t have one person out there dribbling and everybody else watching all five of their guys were moving constantly totally impossible to not find somebody open if you do that

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I’m thinking their adrenalin combined with the Hogs lethargy yesterday led to that shooting clinic they put on us. The more they scored (and prevented us from scoring) the more pumped they got and it progressed into a feeding frenzy.

Tenn came out ready to play, no lethargy on their part. I suspect today adrenalin won’t be enough to overcome tired legs playing their fourth game in as many days.

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After sleeping on yesterdays L and watching the game today, I realize my biggest concern earlier in the year about this hogs team has not disappeared. That is you can’t win a tournament without three point shooting. Winning three games in three days or winning 6 straight in the big dance means somewhere along the way your going to face a different game dynamic, a different game flow, a different matchup than what you’re used to or what you’d hope for. Odds are if you make it to the final four you’re going to see it all. And you have to have a way to respond to everything. You can win a lot of games without three point shooting as the hogs proved this year. But in college basketball today you’ll inevitably have to shoot some threes to keep up. It’s a game of runs as they say but also sometimes it’s a flat out three point shooting contest. More so today than ever. And the odds of needing that ability for at least one good run somewhere along the way are very likely in a tournament environment. I guess the question really is can notae and Umude carry that on their shoulders alone and will our team recognize the need to make the extra pass to get these 2 guys enough open shots. So far that’s been our biggest weakness.

Notae did us no favors by continuing to jack, and ignoring a hot Umude, yesterday.

Last year it was 2 senior transfers, Smith and Tate, that led us on the Elite 8 run. Moses had kind of run out of gas offensively, while still doing a great job on D, the boards and assists.

It’s starting to look like another good run this year may require 2 transfers, Umude and Toney, lead the way offensively. Hopefully, if Notae continues to struggle shooting, he will continue to be a force on defense, rebounding, and assists, like Moody last season. Jaylin just needs to do what he’s done these last couple of months. Fill the stat line, play with emotion and great leadership.

One thing for sure, a long run will require a total team effort. Just play like we did after the 0-3 SEC start and we can go on that long run again this year.


True. And muss mentioned there was a specific play Umude was wide open but we didn’t swing it one more pass. I think this team is so close to establishing Umude as our second reliable go to scorer. Seem like we just haven’t quite got there with everyone on the same page. Hopefully they finally get this worked out after yesterday. We are not a great three point shooting team, but we are really not a good three point shooting team if we don’t get Umude and notae both in rhythm. We absolutely have to do it because yesterday won’t be the last time Jaylin sees double and triple teams or notae gets in foul trouble

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