Sec +?

how can I watch the basketball game tonight?

I watch it through the ESPN app. They usually show the SEC+ games

You can access SEC-Plus on the ESPN app on your phone or a streaming device like a Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV, or via your computer on You have to sign in through your primary TV provider in order to access the content.

Baked got a question I have the espn app but I stream all my cable thru iptv I have internet thru xfinity my question when signing in to the espn app ( I just bought it last game but couldn’t figure out) do u have to sign in thru a tv provider like dish,xfinity,direct etc? They don’t recognize iptv as a privider

Mine is thru DirecTV. Someone on here a few months back in the “streaming” thread said they used Xfinity and IPTV. Maybe they can help you. I know Matt knows a lot about the streaming services. Matt any idea?

Bad thing now is you can’t live stream from phone to ur tv like you use to. HDMI cable/iPhone cord they have canceled per security purposes. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: