SEC won't reschedule football games

Because of COVID. If you don’t have enough players to play, it’s forfeit time. Six of the 14 SEC teams are at 80+ percent vaccination rate. I understand the Hogs are one of those six.

From “Dumb and Dumber”. Does that mean we have a chance to beat Alabama?


I think this is going to be how governments induce people to get vaccinated. Here, the SEC is making it logically impractical for teams not to get vaccinated.

The same thing needs to happen on a larger government scale. For example, if you don’t get vaccinated, you don’t fly commercial. That type of thing.


Good incentive among others to get vaccinated.
UA…Campus of Champions

I was watching a Zoom meeting at Baptist Health last week, a covid update. in the Q&A at the end, Dr. Novak was asked if we would require vaccines in order to perform elective procedures.

for instance, you don’t get your hip surgery until you get vaccinated.

interesting. that is NOT a policy, just an interesting question.

they did say that one doctor in LR last week made the public statement that patients cannot come into his clinic unless they are vaccinated.

interesting times…


University of Indiana is requiring all incoming students to be vaccinated. We need more of that.


Indeed. If people want to participate in the activities in which public, social institutions engage, then they need to show a willingness to help our broad society. Cuts across all parts of society, too. You want public assistance or social security disability? Show us your vaccine card. We help you, you help us.


Unless there is a medical reason for not getting vaccinated, why would anybody not get the protection?

Good for Indiana. it is time somebody has the guts to do what needs to be done.


Good job University of Indiana!

Selfishness, no regard for the greater good, lack of courage.

I’m glad we don’t have to storm the beaches of Normandy in this era. Our people are afraid of a little shot. Think about what batteries of German gunfire would do to them.


I lost count of all the inoculations I took when I joined the military back in 1969. Had no idea what I was being vaccinated against.

Went to Africa several years ago. Had vaccinations for things I didn’t know existed. But I took them with a smile.


So is Baylor!

I been working overseas off & on for the past 20 years. Been poked many times for vaccines & boosters. Have a long shot records list I carry everywhere to prevent being double vaccinated.
Couple of them did make me a little sick. But the Covid vaccine didn’t at all.

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