SEC wins the only national championship it has never won

Kentucky beats the Texas Longhorns 3-1 to win the women’s Volleyball national championship. This is the only national championship SEC had never won. SEC made history tonight,

Lilly Madison and two daughters of former NBA player Skinner starred in Kentucky win. Incidentally for Texas, daughter of former NBA player Jermaine O’Neil was one of the key players. Heck of a match on ESPN2 tonight.

There’s an asterisk on that. There are plenty of NCs the SEC’s never won because we don’t play any of those sports. Men’s volleyball, water polo, men’s soccer, etc. But this completes SEC nattys in the sports the league does play.

Yes, I should have mentioned that. SEC participates in 21 NCAA sports. And now has at least one championship in all 21.

I have not seen any such data on other conferences. Love to find out how other 4 P5 conferences have fared.

Pac 12 wins all the weird sports like water polo and men’s volleyball. I bet they’ve won in a lot more than 21 sports. But I don’t know about a clean sweep.

One thing I’ve never understood is why the NCAA allows certain sports to be sanctioned that have little interest and very few teams that participate. One is Equestrian. I love horses and have ridden many but why is this an accepted sport and count in the national championship annals? What about dog fetching? or juggling? That takes more athletic ability than many sports. Last one - Lumberjacking!! There are four teams in the SEC and about 20 in the entire nation that participate in equestrian. Come to think of it, we might field a pretty good team in Dog Fetching. Hmmmmm.

Sports that NCAA sanctions are all Olympic sports and colleges work as feeder systems to US Olympic teams in most of those sports. And all of these sports have a good following in certain parts of the country. Since all colleges are not forced to participate in all the NCAA sanctioned sports, I don’t know why it is a problem with some schools participating.

If dog fetching becomes a Olympic sport, I bet NCAA will sanction it for collegiate competition.

Bowling is not in the Olympics. Regardless, my point was simply it would seem you would have to have a minimum number of NCAA teams participating to truly be called a national champion. What if several teams dropped out of equestrian and ten years from now there were 7 teams still participating instead of the 20 today. Or 4 teams, I guess they would still crown them as national champions right up there with the other NCAA champs. Just doesn’t seem right to me.

Equestrian is not an NCAA sanctioned sport. There is a national championship (Georgia won this year) but it’s not run by the NCAA. Rowing is NCAA for women but not for men; the rowing association runs the men’s championship. Of course, FBS football isn’t an NCAA championship sport either; the conferences put on the CFP. There are others, such as beach volleyball (LSU and Florida have teams).

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