SEC West

AU and Stidham has been hyped so much and Patterson has been so hyped for OM. Sure they looked good in the second half when the cupcakes starters were tired, but AU and OM didn’t look that good when the other team was fresh. I wasn’t that impressed with Auburn and Ole Miss for the first 2-3 quarters of their games. LSU looked just OK on offense and as good as expected on D.

-We are going to find out what WE are made of this week against TCU

-We are going to learn a lot about AU and Stidham this week when Auburn plays (5) Clemson. Stidham threw into double coverage and definitely appears he will have a little adjustment to the tighter SEC coverage of WR’s. Clemson will expose that for sure.

-Ole Miss will look like world beaters again this week when they play UT Martin. Ole Miss plays California the next week Sept 16th.

-Sept 16th is going to be a great game between LSU and Misstake.

-We play A&M the 23rd and we will really know who WE are.

-Saturday Sept 30 is going to be a shake out weekend in the SECW
9/30 - TBD\tOle Miss\tAlabama\t
9/30 - TBD\tMiss St\tAuburn

I don’t like saying this, but my gut is telling me that Auburn may emerge out of the SEC West this year. This is based primarily on their defense and running game. But if Stidham is what many say he is, then that’s even worse.

I think the SEC West comes down to their game with Alabama.

It looks like Bama and everyone else playing for second to me. Hopefully the rebellious ones will have had the rebellion knocked out of them by the times we play them. Can’t imagine that they are going to be very good. Aubrun and LSU will battle for second and the winner at Jerry’s World will finish 4th. Egg Bowl will be a battle to stay out of the cellar.

bama looked good, but FSU handed them that game.  Just stupid mistake after stupid mistake.  Would've been interesting to see what would've happened without all the turnovers.  They are not unbeatable.  LSU didn't look that great to me.  USCe looked better than I expected.  Not sure on Auburn, next week will will show what they are or are not.

has lots and lots of connections still and the consensus is the Aubbie DL has the best and maybe as many as 9 who will eventually make it to the NFL. That includes all 4 classes so lots could happen, but Gus team is strong on the D side and meh on the O. I get to talk and listen to Allan and Coach Mac enough for them to be comfortable and they are impressed with our path which says a lot since one was a Horn and one was a Frog. I really want to engage some with Coach Mac this week, but his radio prep is almost like game planning. Anyway, the Aubbie DL has already impressed the pros immensely.

Don’t crank the bus up on anyone yet. Until somebody beats Bama. Auburn will get beat. And probably by us. Let Stid jerk throw wild into coverage and he may come back to earth. LSU outside of the run game and the Frenchman dressing on the passing game defend the middle and make them attack down field.
Texas A&M runs the ball stop the run and close the middle on them too

Looks like another tough year in the SEC West - as usual

I hate losing to Bama, Auburn, LSU badly

Losing to TAMU, Ole Miss, USC, MSU and Mizzou is unacceptable IMHO

The SEC will be 12-1 in the first weekend with the EOE-GTech game remaining. Only the Suspend-Half-The-Roster Gators have lost. Not a bad start. A few wins over pastry to be sure, but also wins over Florida State, UCLA, NC State and BYU.

Swine you have a point with 12-1. Hard to get a team on the schedule to play too. Michigan sure don’t want to play the hogs.
SEC west will beat on the east again this year too

Well, the aggies looked like we did in the Belk bowl tonight. Blew a 34 point 2nd half lead to lose 45-44 to UCLA. Looked like the teams switched jerseys about midway through the 3rd qtr.

I don’t even worry about Bama.
-AU’s defense is scary good. Stidham hasn’t played a game in 2 years so it could be serious rust…but he threw into coverage way too much. His WR’s are not as good as I expected.
-It’s hard to know what to make of Misstake from this game but their defense looks good. Fitzgerald looks good and their RB’s looked pretty good, and the WR’s were ok. Charleston Southern is very bad but Misstake played very good and Fitzgerald looked improved. Misstake is a team that could cause Bama, LSU and AU fits and shake up the SECW.
-I am afraid Ole Miss could be trouble with Patterson and those freakish WR’s if he is allowed to scramble instead of standing in the pocket like a real QB. They have a pretty good looking Oline but no running game from the RB’s so Patterson runs too much. He will get beat up. I think they will fall apart the moment they string together a few losses, so they will be great early like A&M and that terrible defense and lack of a running game will drag them down.
-The LSU QB situation and WR’s is going to hold them back against team that are good enough to stop their run game. LSU will lose to Bama and AU. They could also get beat by a good offensive team and defense like Misstake.
-We saw an A&M implosion that could lead to a meltdown or a team playing for an interim coach with their hair on fire.

[quote]Sure they looked good in the second half when the cupcakes starters were tired, but AU and OM didn’t look that good when the other team was fresh.

I could see OM and AU fans making the same comments about us. It isn’t that unusual for power teams to get out of the blocks slowly in the first game. In order to make a comparison, you have to know how the competition stacked up, which is difficult this early in the season.

The SEC looked plenty strong:

Great win - Bama

Strong wins - USC, LSU, UT (pending)

Solid wins - UK, Vandy, UGA

Cupcake City - Ark, OM, AU, MSU, Mizzou

Incomplete - UF

Gag - A&M

Bama. They are in a different world compared to every other team.
Auburn. Strong defense and totally overrated on the offensive side of the ball
Ole Miss. Stop the QB run Marginal at best on the defensive side of the ball
Moooo U. Stop the QB run and
LSU Strong rushing team and no deep threat passing. Defense right with Bama.
A&M. Back up QB overwhelmed once freshmen starter went down. They do have a decent defense. Lack of leadership on the field.
Hogs. Who knows for sure. I would not trade QB’s with anyone in our league or our coaching staff.
We will be better on defense and after AA gets things clicking with the news receivers we will be fine. I still say a 9 win year.

-Stidham at AU will be exposed this week on offense as Clemson will be the best team he will have evah faced.
-Everyone is worried about Sumlin, but A&M lost their best QB for a few weeks and may not be back for our game. Losing Donovan Wilson is big too.
-We lost one of our TOP 3 defenders on our Defense and that is going to hurt us unless the Britto and the Freshman play above their heads.

I find myself wishing…once again…that the SEC Commish would move Auburn to the east, and Mizzou to the west. I know they want to protect the Bama/Auburn rivalry. So it will probably never happen.

But it should. We keep thinking the pendulum is gonna swing back and the east will equal the west in terms of strength. But it hasn’t happened yet. Put the Auburn, or LSU, or our Hogs for that matter in the east, and I think you have the winner of the east.

Mizzou in the west and Auburn in the east makes much better sense geographically as well. Just make Aubbie/Bama permanent rivals like we are now with Mizzou.

But I won’t hold my breath. Making Bama/Auburn permanent rivals would lose the Bama/Tenn annual rivalry game. (Which ain’t no rivalry…not anymore). But I think would be a good move.

As for us, the chickens could become our annual rival again. Good for me…living in Charleston . ( don’t claim the state of SC…as far as I’m concerned I’m an Arkansan living in the city-state of Charleston).

The SEC East is terrible again. The SEC West is looking tough…again. I don’t see the SEC office making a change since Bama doesn’t want AU to have an easier road in the East.

Very few SECW teams are going to be tested this week.

We will learn a lot about AU this week against Clemson because I don’t believe in Stidham. He may prove me wrong in a big way but I think he is a very good QB…but not Heisman material like they want to make us think.

Our game with TCU is one of the best and will tell us who we are.

Next week will start thinning the herd with the LSU vs Misstake game. I can’t wait to see that game.

Ole Piss started their game the same we did ours…a little slow…If I recall correctly, South Bummer beat MSU in Stank-vegas last year so they are a little better than your typical directional school. It’s not Patterson I worry about, it’s Brown! Plus, the criminals are taking an “US vs the World” outlaw attitude. Luke wants the job!
Auburn IS good.
Isn’t Hubenak still on the aTm team? If so, why did he not play when the starter got hurt? The back up (Mond) was terrible and cost them the game. aTm plays Nichols State this week so they will “heal” before they start the SEC.
Jury still out on MS State. They played a nobody.
LSU may have a QB so that is SCARY cause their defense is incredible. BYU NEVER crossed the 50 yd line.
I believe Bama MAY have a little vulnerability. Hurts ONLY completed 10 passes and SEVEN were to Ridley. STOP THE RUN and double cover Ridley and you MIGHT have a chance. Bama blocked a punt & a kick. Saban finds OTHER ways to beat you. His teams are solid in every phase. Bama lost 2 LB’s for the season, SO! They are DEEP!

Yep OM has some serious talent at WR.
Hubenak is still there but was listed 3rd string behind Mond.
I am not sure about the LSU QB Etling.

LSU ran a lot of window dressing on offense and most of Eting passes were short. He the same as last year. If you could stop the run and force him to pass deep you have a chance. Scoring on their defense will be tough.

We are going to find out what LSU is made of next week in the LSU vs Misstake game. Misstake has the defense that can defend the run and force Etling to pass more. We are also going to see if super Hyped Misstake QB Fitzgerald is the real deal against that LSU defense. I can’t wait for that game.