SEC West - Tough Hardball Competition

Well, we’re done with the preseason part of the season, facing Missouri on Friday. Who would have thought the SEC standings would show Ole Miss and LSU at the bottom of the West’s standings at this stage. What a tough road to hoe.

That is the way of life in the SEC, but I have always thought baseball was the toughest if that is possible.

Bottom of the standings is a little dramatic w 12-3 and 11-4 records, that’s Turrible!
Yup, it’s a tough division.

I think it’s hard to tell how good the West is just yet. On paper it looks really good, but most of the teams have not challenged themselves much in the non-conference season. According to Warren Nolan, the highest strength of schedule among the West teams right now is LSU at 68th, and that is boosted from playing Texas. The rest are between 80 and 218.