SEC West preview

By Bill Connelly at ESPN+. Yes, it’s paywall. Doesn’t really try to predict the division standings, just discusses each team.

Does he have anything good to say about us? We know he & everyone else thinks Bama wins it.

Yep. He says our SP+ ranking, which is an analytic power rating, is 41st in the country. (Moo U’s is 44th) Projected number of wins: 5.8 (2.8 in the SEC). Toss-up games are Misery, Moo U, Auburn and (drum roll) Texass. Likely wins are the three other NC games. He says we’ll be better but a ridiculous road schedule limits our win total; of our six toughest opponents, only EOE-A comes to Fayetteville. A top 50 SP+ at year end would be our first since 2016.

Then he lists things we found out from the 2020 Hogs:
Sam has restored the fight,
Odom needs playmakers on D, particularly the DL

What we didn’t find out:
Can KJ be a winning QB in the SEC and does he have enough weapons around him?

Then he’s got a chart of our history with SP+ rankings since World War II. No surprise that it peaks around 1969 with lesser bumps around 1985 and pre-ditch Petrino.

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