It is not guaranteed, but it is looking like there will be three super regionals next week between SEC teams:

Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt

Arkansas vs. South Carolina

Florida vs. Auburn

Between 1999-2017, there were only 11 super regionals that included two teams from the same conference.

Will be very interesting to see who hosts, Vandy or the Leghumpers. Both have the facilities and I’m sure put in bids. I believe Vandy has the better RPI if that matters.

Between the two, I’m for the sailors.


State has to hold the record for consecutive elimination games won, have to respect that :sunglasses:

I vote Texas to go to Nashville and get spanked two games in a row, shut out the first game and a no-hitter in the second. Vandy to score ten in each game. Can you tell which program I have mild respect for and which one needs to shrivel up and die?

I guess the most elimination games a team can win is 3. MSU tied it. However, it was dramatic way they won the first one that’s amazing. Down 2-0 with 2 outs & 2 runners on base in the bottom of the 9th. Batter has 2 strikes (I think he had 2 strikes) & then strokes a walk-off 3 run HR. Not only did that keep MSU alive, but it eliminated host FSU.

As much as I’d like that in every way, Texas won’t face Vandy in a super. They’ll either go to Oxford, host Tenn Tech, or less likely, go to Tenn Tech.

In the regionals they have won 6, 7 in a row? er, 8? Going back to last year.

Yep, McNamee was down to his last strike (1-2 count) before he cranked it out of the park.

I’d either forgotten that or never knew it. (I was out of the country during the NCAA last year.) That’s an amazing stat.

Why would they go to Tenn Tech??

I can’t imagine why they’d go there, but Texas is matched up with the winner of the Oxford regional. Right now that could be Tenn Tech. If OM wins, Texas plays the super in Oxford. If Tenn Tech wins there won’t be a super in Oxford. Unless Tex gets the super by default by being the only seeded team to win its regional, the committee has to pick between Austin & Cookeville. Texas is higher seeded & undoubtedly has better facilities, so I cannot imagine TT getting to host. Nonetheless, unless Texas gets it by default, it’s theoretically possible for T Tech to host.

As a seeded team, EOE-A automatically hosts if TTU wins the nightcap.

Okay. That answers the question. I wasn’t sure if it was by default or not.

In what little time I listened in on the S. Carolina broadcast (I’m at work), I heard the announcers mention - twice - that the winner would get Arkansas and that the site would be announced tomorrow.

While I’m sure that’s true, technically, everyone else in the media acknowledges that the top 8 seeds host the Super if they win their Regional first (except if you’re Mo State and you have a scheduling conflict). So I’m not sure what these clowns were trying to incite . . . or, if they honestly don’t know how it works. With the media guys, I’m never surprised at their ignorance of even simple facts about the games they cover any more.

I will say this, however. If the Super is hosted by S. Carolina, I’ll choose to watch DVH vs. the NCAA officials instead of our games. Would be much more entertaining!

I suspect it was ignorance. Like you, I’ve seen too many examples of it coming from these TV/radio commentators. The guys broadcasting our game mentioned the regional at Dudy-Noble several times before someone apparently straightened them out.