SEC vs Big 12 challenge

It’s not a good start for the mighty SEC. Bama gets beat by Baylor, Ole Miss gets rolled over by Iowa Stafe and Florida get edges by TCU. 0-3 so far and things are right in these next games so far.

The 3 current games that are going on, all 3 SEC teams are up late in the second half.

Texas A&M just beat Kansas State, who is 15-4, by 12 points.

Good win there for the SEC.

South Carolina, definition of a team that plays up or down to their opponents talent level, they beat some of the best teams in the SEC, then go and lose to one of the worst teams in the Big 12, they’ve absolutely blown it in the non-conference.

Just so you guys know, going into today, the SEC was trailing the B12 this season 7-2. Counting the 1:00 games that are just finishing we are now behind 11-3 (4 Ga should win).

Georgia did win and that a head scratcher looking at their record. Of course they lead the SEC in coughing it up ( turnovers).
Now the
2 wins.
Big 12 ( southerm Big 10)
4 wins.

I wanted to look at Blu’s comment in the other post about how strong our conference was. Last year we were the #2 conference and we beat the B12 (we played more than just the challenge last year), I didn’t think our conference was as good this year, so here is how we stack up against “the Big Boys.”

vs ACC - 7-10 (ACC winning)
vs B12 - 4-11 (B12 winning, 4 games left)
vs Big East - 3-0 (SEC winning)
vs B1G - 3-3 (tie)
vs PAC12 - 9-3 (SEC Winning)

With Georgia winning today its shows the bottom of the SEC can beat the middle of the Big 12. If Auburn, LSU and Miss St were playing what would this challenge look like?
Right now the only way the SEC can win it this year our Hogs, Tenn and Kentucky will have to win their games. Vandy is getting railroaded at OU.

SEC cannot win this year. We can only tie if Kentucky and the Hogs win.

Getting a tie is true but look at the SEC teams that were left out!