SEC vs B12 Challenge

TCU lost to AUB, Baylor looks like they’re gonna win, KY vs KS will decide if we win or not

Dare I say, let’s go Big Blue

Looks like 5-5, better than expected.

Really good showing when you consider 3 of our Top 6 teams weren’t in it and their #1 and #3 teams played our 10th and 11th teams (if seeded).

we were the only rout for the sec… makes us look bad and I’m sure the conference cringed at the score…oh well, just don’t schedule any power 5 games anymore, we can’t seem to win many of those.

Must not have watched Florida vs Oklahoma it was worse. Auburn beat TCU handily, Tennessee lead the entire game against K-State by double digits. Kentucky blew a nice lead at home.

Also we are currently 6-5 vs P5 teams this year.

When you post things that are just absolutely untrue do you do it on purpose? Honest question. I’m curious.

It certainly was not the only rout/mismatch

You are rightfully upset by Arkansas’ effort, but that doesn’t make your power 5 remark valid or true

I’m sure the SEC is proud of 5-5 and should be because the Big 12 is better and that’s not even in question

I believe he meant we were the only SEC team that got routed, which is a true statement.

He also said we can’t seem to win many P5 conference games, which isn’t true, and what most people are referring to. And I highly doubt the SEC is embarrassed with Arkansas, we are 1 of 4 teams that’s currently projected to make the tournament in the league.

other than sec teams what power 5 teams have we beat? houston? we did beat texas, who has a losing record. houston is not in a power 5 conference. and the rout, well since you are so friggin smart notorious, why don’t you tell me the margin of losses the sec took, the games the sec lost. go ahead, lets see your post, lsu lost by x, ole miss lost by x, a and m lost by x, arkansas lost by x. who lost by the most. you want facts, post it. you spout facts, why don’t you answer that one. you must be interviewing for the moderator position again this week. one week, after mississippi state you were ranting, now you are holier than thou again. get another shot at moderator? didn’t beat minnesota? who else have we played from a power 5 conference other than sec teams? i really don’t know, i haven’t looked at our schedule just going on memory. best win we have is against an up and coming tennessee team on the road, and the vandy game. highest rated rpi team we’ve beat? tennessee who just moved into the top 50. tell me folks, what other top 50 rpi teams have we beaten. this is a fact: we lost by the most of any sec team playing in the challenge. i don’t give a hoot about oklahoma or tcu or iowa state or whoever. only care about arkansas. i was embarrassed by our game performance. period. if you like losing by 20 to 30 then you’re an anderson fan, not a hog fan. i hope the guy wins them all. i just don’t like getting smoked either in football, basketball, baseball or whatever sport the u of a participates in.

Oh geez just stop. It’s pitiful.

As for me going off after Miss St., it’s called showing some objectivity and not being a one-trick pony. They were awful against MSU and deserved criticism.

They have since won 4 of 5 and overall are having a solid season and are on track to make the Ncaat.

As for your post, just don’t post absolutely false things/hackery and no one will call you on it. Having one true statement in a post and one absurd, absolutely incorrect statement in a post doesn’t make the post accurate.

It’s one thing to be ignorant. It’s another to be willfully ignorant. You’re showing yourself as being the latter.

In a tenth of the time it takes you to type your typical rant you could google and fact check some of your biggest reaches and purest, Grade A bologna.

If that makes me a moderator, so be it. I think most are fine with differing opinions. Many just prefer not to consistently read purposely misleading, factually deficient posts.

Do better.

arkansas losses this year.

lost by 14 at minnesota, was worse than that.
lost by 9 to florida at home
lost by 26 to kentucky on the road.
lost to msu by 6 at home
lost to sou by 28.

we have beaten one top 50 rpi team. tennessee on the road, a very good win, and the vandy win on the road will turn out to be a good one rpi wise at end of the year i think. we also beat texas on the road by 3. our only win against a team in a power 5 conference other than an sec team.

and notorious we do agree completely on one thing. john calipari i feel exactly as you do on that guy. he aint no bill self. as it stands right now, we got 2 more shots to beat a highly ranked rpi team both on the road, south carolina and florida.

So, what’s your point? That doesn’t make your statement of “just don’t schedule any power 5 games anymore, we can’t seem to win many of those.” true. We’re still 6-5 against P5 teams this year and probably will end up with at least 15 wins against P5 teams at the end of the year. So, I’m confused on what your point is. You’re mad we lost a few games? Well so is every other team in the country other than Gonzaga.

I hope we do not have a hangover from that horrible game, either within the team, or with the selection committee. Most of the SEC played like it had something to play for. Arkansas didn’t.